How to Find Clients without Social Media

A 2023 presentation for the American Nutrition Association. 

Social media is one way to build your practice, but it's not the only way.

You don't have to be on social media. 

It is 100% possible to have a successful clinical practice without it.

In fact, I left social media as a marketing strategy in 2018 and haven't looked back. I was able to find clients and my practice and my community continue to grow. 

However, it does take some concerted effort. 

If you want to avoid social media, you'll need to put other strategies in place to meet people who don't already know about your work and to stay in touch with people who are interested in your work. 

In this webinar, I share some things to consider as you make this shift. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. 

If you need personal help with this, consider signing up for a few months of Voxer coaching and/or joining us in Monday Mentoring

It's easier to do this work in community.  

Here are some additional resources: 

Resources to support you 

Best of luck with your practice. You can do it 🪴



Hi! I'm Camille Freeman (she/her). 

I mentor highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists so they can get the clinical hours, practice-building skills, and advanced knowledge they need to be exceptional practitioners. I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist since 2006, working in OB/Gyn offices, a fertility clinic and private practice.

I have a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and I'm also a professor in the Department of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative health. You can read more about me here.

Please contact me with any questions!

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