Free Clinic

Free Online Herbal Clinic

If you’ve been interested in meeting with an herbalist but aren’t able to afford the cost of a visit, please consider becoming a client of the ​Free Clinic. We specialize in fertility and reproductive health, although all are welcome.

About the Clinic

​The clinic is run by me, herbalist Camille Freeman. I'm a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild with 15+ years of experience (read ​more here). When you become a client you’ll work with ​me via Zoom, with a small group of  students and early-career herbalists observing. 

The students are all trained in privacy and confidentiality; your personal information will not be discussed outside of a secure environment. Your case will be treated with love, dignity and respect. Focused attention of a group of students may be the most carefully heard you’ll ever be: these folks come to the session full of gratitude that you’re sharing your story with us and allowing them to further their training.

​What you'll receive as a client:

  • ​A consultation with herbalist Camille Freeman
  • ​The dedicated attention of a group of student herbalists thinking carefully about your case
  • ​A list of recommendations tailored to your specific situation
yellow peony in flower

Photo by Camille Freeman, May 2020

​Important things for you to know:

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Image by fotoblend on Pixabay

  • ​A small group of advanced student herbalists (maximum 15) will have access to your files and be present during your session(s). All are trained in confidentiality
  • ​The cost of herbs or other supplements is not included in the visit. We will be conscious of your budget when making recommendations and can usually recommend low-cost accessible options.
  • ​You will need a stable internet connection and a private place to meet during the consultation.

​What Happens when you become a client? 


​​Sign Up for Practice Better

When you join us as a client, you’ll receive an invitation to join Camille’s secure client management system, Practice Better. It’s free to do so, and this will give you access to the forms and video conferencing tools.


Complete Forms Online

​You’ll fill in three forms before we meet (a notice of privacy policies, a liability waiver, and a health history form), which will be shared securely with the students who will be observing.


1-hour Interview via Zoom

​​During this time, Camille will go through your health history and goals, and ask clarifying questions while the students observe. It will be your choice whether the students leave their video feed on or off. You won’t receive your recommendations on the day of your first visit.


Receive Recommendations 2-4 days Later

After the session, Camille and the students will meet to discuss your case and decide on a set of recommendations for you. ​Camille will send these to you through Practice Better shortly thereafter. 


​Purchase herbs/supplements 

The cost of herbs is not included​ in your visit. The intake form will ask you for your budget, and we will work around ​this when making recommendations.​ Very affordable options are possible!


Follow-up Visits Optional!

​After you receive your recommendations, you will have the option to have up to two follow-up visits with Camille or a student herbalist at no cost, although this is not required.

​Interested in becoming a client? 

​We are currently seeking a client for July 25 at 10 am ET.

If you're available at this time and interested in a free herbal consult, please click below to apply!

​Want to Join the Waiting List? 

If you're not available at the times noted above but would like to receive first-dibs on future spots, please join the waiting list here. ​Be sure to click on the confirmation email you receive in order to be added to the list!