In the Clinic with Camille

A podcast for clinical herbalists and herbally-minded nutritionists

Welcome to In the Clinic with Camille. My goal is to share what I've learned/am learning with other practitioners so that we can all build stronger practices and serve our clients better. Please share with other practitioners who may be interested, and send along your questions and topic requests.

In the Clinic Podcast Episodes

Episode 25 | Making Peace with Not Running an Apothecary
Episode 24 | Do You Need a Business Plan?
Episode 23 | Why Having Your Clients Buy Herbs on Amazon May Not be a Good Idea
Episode 22 | Should You Charge Extra for Payment Plans?
Episode 21 | Questions to Ask Before You Buy that Program or Course
Episode 20 | Don’t Overlook This Simple Way to Find New Clients
Episode 19 | The Ovaries Need the Uterus
Episode 18 | Be Mindful About Going Over Time During Your Consults
Episode 17 | Reflections on Publishing Research
Episode 16 | On Keeping Things Simple
Episode 14 | How to Handle Income from your Practice
Episode 13 | Accountability Groups for Practitioners
Episode 12 | Why You Need a Referral List and Who to Add
Episode 11 | Website Perfectionism
Episode 10 | Safety of Probiotics in Infants
Episode 9 | Thoughts on Working and Homeschooling
Episode 8 | Identifying your Core Values
Episode 7 | How to Name your Practice
Episode 6 | Using more Inclusive Language in the Clinic
Episode 5 | How to Not Panic When you Have a Complicated Case
Episode 4 | Should I use testimonials to promote my practice?
Episode 3 | How to Make Violet Syrup
Episode 2 | Tips for taking your practice online
Episode 1 | Is fennel safe during pregnancy?

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