Discovering Discovery Calls   

an online workshop for Practitioners

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Discovery calls - aka clarity calls, sales calls - can be helpful tools to make sure you and your clients are a good fit.

They can also be an absolute waste of time, energy, and resources, or - even worse - uncomfortable and awkward situations where either your or the client leaves feeling pressured or rejected or both 😬

Another thing I hear about: discovery calls that were scheduled for 15 minutes, but wind up turning into a free mini-consult that lasts for close to an hour. 

Let's not let these things happen. 

A well-designed discovery call is easy, helpful, and a key part of your practice. Something to look forward to, even. 

If you don't know much about discovery calls, that's okay.

We're not born knowing these things. The good news is that you can learn. With practice, you'll find your own rhythm and flow. 

I've designed this workshop to help you determine if you want to do discovery calls, and if you do, how to run them so that they're serving both you and your potential client. 

here's what you'll learn:

  • Whether discovery calls are a good choice for your practice. Hint: there's not a right answer
  • What to consider when scheduling discovery calls
  • Specifically what to say and do during & after the call, if you decide to offer discovery calls
  • How to run these sessions without coercion and pressure
  • How to lead a call rather than letting the call "get away" from you

⭐ Also Included ⭐

Discovery Call Cheat Sheet

A 1-page reference guide to have available during your calls 

Practice Better Video Walkthrough

A step-by-step guide to setting up discovery calls in Practice Better

Resource List

Learn how other practitioners approach discovery/sales calls with this list

Learn to Love Discovery Calls 

Monday Mentoring members, the webinar is in your training library! Check there. 


I'm Camille Freeman (she/her).

I offer community and continuing education for highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists who want to feel solid and supported in their clinical practices. I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and clinical herbalist for 15+ years, with a special focus on menstrual & reproductive health. I'm a registered herbalist with a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and I also serve as a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology, pathophysiology and mindful eating.