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Get a second pair of eyes on your food, herb and supplement plan. Camille specializes in fertility and menstrual health. 

When it comes to foods and supplements, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

There's such a thing as knowing too much. Maybe you've started three new food plans in the past year, but you can't tell if they've actually made a difference. Perhaps you've collected a 5-gallon bag full of various supplements and aren't sure if you should be taking some, all, or none of them. You may be thinking that after all you've read, the classes you've taken, and the programs you've (mostly) completed, you should really know what to do by now. If things aren't as clear as you thought they'd be, don't worry! Sometimes it helps to have an outside pair of eyes to clarify things. 

About the Diet and Supplement Consult

The Diet and Supplement Consult involves a one-hour meeting with me, where we'll discuss your health concerns, current diet, and review any herbs or supplements you're taking. I'll provide you with a written assessment and suggestions for refinement where appropriate. We'll meet again in 2-3 weeks for a follow-up session so that you can ask any questions.

You'll leave feeling clear and confident about your plan, which herbs and supplements are appropriate for your situation (and which aren't!), and your next steps. Additional sessions are available after the diet & supplement consult upon request. 

What will I get?

After our 2 sessions together, you'll have: 

Assessment & Guidance

A friendly ear, a chance to tell your whole story, and an outside perspective will help us get the big picture. No matter how skilled and smart you are, it can be incredibly hard to assess your own situation. I'll share my assessment and any proposed refinements to your protocol.  

Lifestyle Review & Suggestions

We'll talk about stress management, movement, community and more, all of which can have significant influence on your health. Often there are small tweaks you can make that provide big payoffs in terms of how you feel.

Dietary Review & Suggestions

I'll provide a general review of your diet with an eye toward nutrients that support whole body health. You'll receive specific and detailed suggestions for changes to optimize health, customized to your needs and preferences.

Herb and Supplement Review & Suggestions

Let's review what you're currently taking. I'll provide guidance on dosing, supplements to consider or discontinue, and - if you like - herbal recommendations specific to your situation.

The Diet and Supplement Consult costs $349 and includes one follow-up visit. 

I specialize in reproductive & menstrual health (fertility, pregnancy, perimenopause), although I am happy to consult with anyone who wants a perspective and guidance when it comes to food, herbs, and supplements. 

I am licensed in MD. Due to state licensing restrictions, I can only provide individual nutrition counseling to people in the following states: AK, AR, AZ, CA, CT, HI, ID, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NM, NJ, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WI, WV. You must be in one of these states at the time of our consultation.

Here's How it Works


Step 1 - Click the "Schedule Now" Button below

You'll head over to my Practice Management system (Practice Better) and pick a time that works for you. I do offer weekend and evening appointments most months. Your first appointment will be 60 minutes, and the follow-up appointment will be 30 minutes.


Step 2 - Choose whether you prefer to meet via phone or via video conference

If you choose to meet via video conference, we'll use a HIPAA-secure version of Zoom. You'll just need a device with a webcam and microphone. 


Step 3 - Submit your payment

During this step, you'll have a chance to briefly explain why you'd like to meet. Please let me know if you're experiencing any particular health challenges, if you're pregnant, or if you're trying to conceive. Payment plans are available at no extra cost to you.


Step 4 - Prepare for our session

You'll receive an invitation to join Practice Better (please do this!) and a confirmation email within 24 hours, as well as several forms to complete online, which will take about 30 minutes. You'll also have a chance to upload any relevant documents that you'd like to share (e.g. lab reports, fertility charts) into a secure platform.




Step 5 - Let's meet

You'll get a reminder message before our meeting, with a link to join the session if you've opted for an online meeting. If you choose a phone meeting, I'll give you a call at the scheduled time.

Step 6 - Plan

Within 24-48 hours of our meeting, I'll send along your written review. This includes dietary, herbal and lifestyle suggestions.

Step 7 - Follow-up

After 2-3 weeks, we'll meet again to see how the plan is going, answer any questions, and make any adjustments. Additional follow-up visits are available as needed.

"There is a beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions."

~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this appropriate if I'm pregnant or nursing? What about if I'm trying to conceive?

Yes. You are welcome to schedule a Review if you are pregnant, lactating or trying to conceive. In fact, these are my areas of specialty :). I'd love to work with you during this time.

Can I continue working with you after the Review? 

Yes. Additional visits can be scheduled as needed after the review. Some clients come in monthly for several months, others visit once every few months or as needed. Follow-up visits cost $95 for a 30-minute session - which is generally plenty of time - or $180 for a 60-minute extended session. Extended follow-up sessions are used when we haven't worked together in 6+ months or when new diagnoses arise/additional time is needed.

We're trying to get pregnant; can my partner and I share one Review?

You are welcome to schedule a single review to cover questions for both partners. If you would both like ongoing care, please contact Camille to discuss options. 

Are you LGBTQ+-Friendly? 

Yes! You are welcome in my practice. I know it can be hard to find nutrition and reproductive support that isn't hetero-normative. I'd love to work with you and don't make assumptions about your gender, that of your partner(s), etc.

What's your stance on weight loss? 

We'll work around your goals. If you want to lose weight, we'll talk about your reasons, what you've tried so far, and what the evidence suggests about losing weight. If that isn't one of your goals, it won't be relevant for our visits and I will not push it on you. You will not be required to report your weight unless you'd like to share it with me.

Money is tight. Do you have payment plans or a sliding scale? 

I don't offer a sliding scale or bartering for the consult package, but if finances are a challenge please consider becoming a client at my free clinic. If you decide to schedule a consult, you will have the option to pay in installments. There is no additional fee for using the payment plan. If you'd like to arrange a different payment schedule, please contact me below.

I live in one of the states where you are not licensed. Can we still work together? 

If you live in a state where I am not licensed, we can work together for an herbal consultation. I will not be able to provide individual nutrition counseling. Please contact me directly for more information about this option.

Don't see any sessions available? I am often booked up several months in advance. You may need to look a month or two ahead.

Hi there! My name is

Camille Freeman (she/her)

I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and herbalist since 2004, working in OB/Gyn offices, a fertility clinic, and private practice. I'm a professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology and pathophysiology. I hold a doctorate in clinical nutrition, as well as graduate-level degrees in physiology/biophysics and herbal medicine. 

I specialize in reproductive & menstrual health, and particularly love working with people who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or navigating perimenopause. I believe in providing practical, compassionate, and evidence-based advice so that you leave our sessions feeling relieved rather than overwhelmed. 

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