Group Clinical Observations for Herbalists

Continuing education and community for highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists 

Looking to build your experience as a Clinical Herbalist or Nutritionist? 

Herbal Case Observation Groups are designed for advanced herbal & nutrition students or practicing herbalists/nutritionists who want to learn through observation; practice assessment, planning and formulation in a low-stakes environment; and participate in a collaborative client-care model. 

If you’re a student herbalist or still building your skills and looking to earn hours toward your RH credential, you might be finding it tricky to get observation hours.

It isn’t always easy - or secure - to invite visitors into an initial consultation. 

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to take on your own clients, and it would help build confidence and your skills to watch more experienced practitioners in action. 

You want to observe herbal consultations and learn from different practitioners, but you don’t want to stumble your way through a technology/logistical nightmare or do anything that puts the client at risk. You want to work with a real client - not a written case study or a video recording.

Good news! Clinic observation is still possible.

I’m a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and have been working with clients from a distance for many years. Everyone works a bit differently, and I’d love to share a peek into my practice and some of the techniques I’ve developed for running distance consults. 

You are invited to sit in as I interview a client via secure video conferencing. Video consults are awesome because you can get a real sense of the client’s energetics, their mannerisms, and their way of being in the world. Not only will you get to observe the intake in real time, but you’ll also be part of a collaborative team coming up with recommendations after the intake. 

Herbal Group Observation

When you finish, you'll have:

  • An example of the flow and practicalities involved in a virtual intake
  • An example online intake form
  • The chance to participate in a collaborative planning session after the intake, where the group will work together to develop recommendations for the client.
  • 2 + hours of clinical experience documented on a certificate of participation

The Group Observation Includes:

Observing the client intake

You will be invited to observe me working with a client during a 1-hour intake. The intake will take place via the HIPAA-secure version of Zoom. A copy of the client's intake form will be shared (with permission) with the group via Practice Better in advance of the consultation if available.

Forming your own assessment and Plan

After the intake, you will have 1-2 days to come up with an assessment, a list of short- and long-term goals, one or two herbal formulae for the client, and one or two lifestyle or other recommendations. You are encouraged to ask questions and securely share your assessment/plan with the group via Practice Better.

Group discussion of the Case

We will meet as a group via Zoom 1-2 days after the intake (without the client present) to collectively discuss our findings and recommendations about the client. We will work together to come up with a set of recommendations for the client, which I’ll send along when we’re done (I’ll also share a copy with you). This is often a powerful experience. Things emerge when many minds and hearts are working together for the sake of a client that you’d never notice on your own.

Working on Up to 2 Follow-up Visits

If the client chooses to return for one or two follow-up visits, you will be invited to attend these at no extra charge. Each follow-up visit is 30 minutes, and we'll collaborate immediately after the meeting to discuss next steps. The revised protocol will be posted in the group chat area.

Herbal Group Observation Price:


Your payment covers the cost of up to 3 visits for the client, providing access to herbal care for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Thank you. If you are in Monday Mentoring, please check your weekly email for your discount code!

Upcoming Session

The client intake session will be on Tuesday, July 9 from 12-1 pm ET
The collaboration session will be on Thursday, July 11 from 12-1 pm ET

Please note that sessions are not recorded. 

You must be available to attend both meetings at the times they are scheduled.


  • You are an advanced herbal/nutrition student or a practicing herbalist/nutritionist
  • You have training in clinical ethics, client privacy, and confidentiality
  • You will attend the intake and collaboration sessions in a private place where others will not be able to see or hear the conversation.
  • You agree to maintain confidentiality at all times 
  • You agree to treat the client with unconditional positive regard and compassion.
  • You agree to treat others in the group with kindness and compassion; you bring an open heart and an open mind to our work.

If you meet these requirements and  would like to join our next session, I'd love to have you join us! If you can't join this one but would like to be informed about future opportunities, please join my mailing list

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Create an account

You will get a slew of emails from Practice Better confirming your sessions and asking you to create an account. Please do create an account in Practice Better so that I can share the intake form and other details with you securely. This will also give you access to secure group messaging to discuss the case. Please do not download or store any information about the client on your personal device unless you are sure it is secure. 

⭐Important note: If you already have a practitioner account in Practice Better, please use a different email address to sign up for this program. You cannot be a client in my program and a practitioner using the same account. ⭐


Join the scheduled sessions

You will receive an email from Practice Better with information about how to join the intake and the collaboration sessions. You’ll also get a reminder before the meetings are scheduled. 

Have questions? Reach out anytime. 

Observation Groups with Other Practitioners

Learn from and with as many folks as you can. Here are a few other people who are offering herbal observation groups in the near future. 

Kelly McCarthy - Attic Apothecary

Hosts observation groups monthly!

Jillian Bar-Av - Greenspring Herbs

Hosts observation groups monthly!

TBD ❤️

If you offer groups or are interested in doing so, please contact me! I'd love to help.