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Isn’t that why you got into this field? You saw a need. The need for compassionate and earth-friendly healthcare, perhaps. The need to connect people with plants. Or the need for guidance around how what we eat affects health and disease. Most people don’t go into our line of work based on family or peer pressure, or because they want to make tons of money, but because they want to help people. And by helping people, one at a time, we can change the world.

Herbalists and nutritionists provide earth-centered, client-focused care

that changes lives.

I want you to know this...

Your work is important.

It’s necessary. It’s fascinating, and you love it. 

If you are struggling to find clients, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of seeing clients with serious health conditions, if the business side of things is dragging you down: that's okay. There's nothing wrong.

What you're experiencing is common. 

It takes years to build a practice, and everyone has doubts and fears when they're getting started (and beyond). 

Here's my story.

When I was started my practice an herbalist and nutritionist in 2003, I floundered for a long time - years - before I finally found my groove. I made every mistake in the book, and then some.

I failed. Often in an exciting new way that I hadn't even known to worry about. 

I learned the hard way, and had to make the conscious decision to keep going more times than I can count.

Eventually I figured out a few things.

I spent time and money learning about the parts of running a business that didn't come naturally to me. I practiced and experimented and just kept it moving.

And after years and years of this, I wound up with a practice that feels good to me. 

I work with just the types of clients who I'm best suited to help. I have plenty of clients, and it's not unusual for me to have a waiting list. I'm growing and learning all the time. I know that my work helps people.

I'm not presenting myself as a guru. I don't have a magical formula to fill your practice immediately or cure your client with endometriosis.

But I do have a lot of experience, a listening ear, and thoughts about how newer practitioners can avoid some of the bumps in the road.

Even after more than a decade of clinical practice as an herbalist and nutritionist, I still run across cases that leave me floundering. Sometimes its helpful to bounce ideas off of someone else or talk to another experienced practitioner. If you’re feeling stuck, have a question about a complex case or need advice about your practice, I’m here to help .

Learn from My Experiences.

It kills me that some of the most incredible herbalists & nutritionists I know are struggling to create successful practices.

After 15+ years in clinical practice and an equal number of years studying and teaching physiology/patohphysiology, I've picked up quite a few things along the way that I wish I'd known when I was starting out. 

Let's work together to get you over whatever's getting in your way.

Here's How I can Help

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Herbal Case Observation Groups 

Join a small group of practitioners and observe online while I interview a new client. We'll all meet a few days later to collaboratively discuss our assessments, goals, and plans for the client. You can earn RH hours for participating in this process. 

Cost: $25 

Monday Mentoring Community

Monday Mentoring is a community of practice for Western herbalists and herbally-minded nutritionists. Doors open next in Spring 2021. We meet every Monday for an hour to discuss cases, work on practice-management, or have a class on a topic selected by the group. We hae one group for herbalists and another for nutritionists. 

Cost: $75-$129/month

A La Carte Private Mentoring

Need help with a complicated case? Want some advice on next steps in your herbal path? Need a bit of help getting your practice started or moving to that next step? Schedule a private mentoring session, and let's talk. 

Cost: $55/session

Roots: Starting your Practice Online Course

This 10-week online course breaks down the bits and pieces you need to take care of to start your practice: forming a business entity, getting a bank account, a website, an email list. Each week you'll have a few tasks to complete, and resources to help you do them. Don't let the details keep you from opening your doors!

Cost: $199 $129 (Early Bird Pricing available until 2/4!)


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