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Upcoming Classes 2021

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"Time Management for "Go with the Flow" Practitioners

Time Management for "Go with the Flow" Practitioners


Wednesday, Oct 13

7-8 pm ET

the herbal clinician's apothecary

The Herbal Clinician's Apothecary

with guest teacher Maria Noël Groves


Monday, Nov 8

5-7 pm ET

Winter Dreaming Webinar

Winter Dreaming and Planning for Practitioners


Tuesday, Dec 21

12-12:30 pm ET

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Class Recordings

PCOS training for practitioners

Supporting Clients with PCOS


An overview of endocrine factors and pathophysiology + how supplementation, diet, and lifestyle changes can support clients.

Fallen tree that resembles a bone

Supporting Clients Osteoporosis & Osteopenia


An overview of bone health, how aging affects bone physiology, and what dietary, supplementation, and lifestyle changes you may suggest to clients.

Supporting Clients with Iron Deficiency Anemia


Learn about iron homeostasis, which lab values are important in assessing iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, and how to support clients who are experiencing either of these conditions

alarm clock

Supporting Circadian Rhythms with Herbs & Nutrition


Learn why it's important for herbalists and nutritionists to consider circadian rhythm in our clinical work, and strategies for stabilizing rhythm.

knot tied in rope

Supporting Clients with Anxiety


Our main focus was on GAD, although ideas apply to other types of anxiety as well. Learn how to support clients using herbs, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. 

rose petals with dew

Supporting Clients with Uterine Fibroids


Review the pathophysiology and learn how to support clients using herbs, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. 

Working with Multiple Rx medications

with guest teacher Marybeth Missenda

Learn how to understand both positive and negative interactions between pharmaceutical medications and herbs in your clients.



Learn about the physiological changes associated with PMS and PMDD, as well as dietary and herbal strategies to support those who experience these conditions.

get creative without social media

How to Get New Clients without Social Media


A 1-hour workshop on how to find new clients without relying on social media and without feeling gross about it.

Supporting Clients with Insomnia


Clinical strategies for those who are having trouble sleeping, including dietary, lifestyle and herb/supplement recommendations.

Painful Periods: Clinical Strategies


Update your understanding of why people experience painful periods and walk away with integrative strategies to support these folks.

vials of blood

Understanding Common Lab Results

with guest teacher Sunny Brigham


Learn how to use the CBC/CMP, thyroid panel, lipid panel, and OAT, GI Map labs to assess nutrition status.

gold star

5 Ways to Find a New Client


We covered 5 strategies to use if you're looking to find more clients for your clinical practice, as well as general tips for building your client roster and promoting your work.

calendula bloom

What the Nutritionist Needs to Know about Vaginas


In this 1-hour webinar for the American Nutrition Association, you'll learn how to support and encourage a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

dart in a target

Finding your Practice Focus: Help with Niching


Learn why it's important to find a niche, how to find a focus that feels right to you, and how long you can expect this process to take.  This webinar is highly recommended for new practitioners.

burdock flowers



Review the underlying pathophysiology + learn how to support clients using diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations 



Learn more about the pathophysiology associated with migraines and endocannabinoid system's potential role.



Learn more about hypertension, the underlying physiology, and what we can do to support people living with this chronic condition.

Email Newsletters for Beginners


Get started with Email newsletters, including logistics, what to write, how often to write, and how to get over your fears about writing and sending newsletters.  

Perimenopause: WTF and Herbal Options


We covered what's happening hormonally, the time frame and symptoms, and which herbs and dietary strategies may support this transition.

Probiotics + Vaginas


Learn about the vaginal microbiome, how it affects vaginal health, and whether/how/when probiotics can make a difference. 

Endometriosis: A Primer for Integrative Practitioners


We discussed the pathophysiology of endometriosis, as well as dietary and herbal strategies that may be of benefit. 

Iron Deficiency and Obesity in Menstruating Adolescents


This was a just-for-fun class to discuss hepcidin, vitamin D, iron and weight. It's fascinating how these factors interact!

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