These resources accompany my Udemy course on Feeding Your Little Ones. If you know of additional resources that may be helpful, please leave them in the comments here or under the discussion tab on Udemy. I hope you enjoyed the lectures; as usual, I welcome your feedback, comments and questions



  • Raise Healthy Eaters – Excellent blog from an RD & mom, realistic and easy-to-f0llow suggestions.
  • It’s Not About Nutrition – Another useful blog with tips on raising kids who love food.
  • Ellyn Satter Institute – Information about the division of responsibility; fantastic FAQ page.
  • Weekly Greens – Once/week publishes a “what’s for dinner” post with recipes for 3 dinners (seasonal, healthy) and a list of all the ingredients you need to make them. An easy & free way to help with healthy meal planning. Recipes are generally delicious!
  • Stone Soup – blog/website that focuses on healthy meals with 5 ingredients or less. She does many video recipes, which I really like!
  • 100 Days of Real Food – Blog about a family who eats “real food,” lots of useful information & recipes, a few sample meal plans available for free if you “like” their Facebook page.
  • Six o’Clock Scramble – Subscription meal-planning service;  they offer weekly dinner plans, including all relevant recipes & a shopping list. Most recipes take < 30 min to prepare. You can select meals from their archive as well if you don’t like one of the suggested meals. They do tend to use a lot of canned beans & tomatoes (BPA concern), and this is still a great way to plan for healthy meals if you are overwhelmed.
  • The Fresh 20 – Another subscription meal-planning service; use all fresh foods, usually less than 20 ingredients to buy each week. You can select gluten-free, vegetarian or standard meal plans.


Selected Academic Resources


These are some of my toddler’s favorites, or at least things that he does eat when the mood strikes. See also my top 20 recipes from 2012. Find more of my favorite recipes on Pinterest.





 Do you have recipe suggestions? What does your toddler love? Please comment below (with a link to a recipe if possible!) or on Udemy.

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