​Tips and Tools for People who Teach Online

​Teaching online lets us connect with students in powerful ways that aren't always possible in a face-to-face classroom. However, creating and teaching online courses that ​encourage ​creative, personal, and humanized learning isn't easy. The models many of us have to work from are flawed at best. ​​After transitioning from teaching on-campus to teaching online full-time in 2012, I wanted to learn everything I could about how to teach amazing online courses. ​It's an ongoing process, and I've shared some of what I've learned below. I hope it's helpful for you. 

​Three cornerstones of my online teaching


​​When you start ​with kindness as a guiding principle in teaching or designing online courses, it will make a difference for you and your students.


​Online courses ​need to be extra clear to effectively guide students through what's often a new or unfamiliar experience.


​Flexible courses and policies provide grace when it's needed for faculty and students and allow for a customized experience every semester.

​Teaching Tools


​Thinking of You Podcast: Q&A for Online Faculty

​In these short podcast episodes - most are less than 10 minutes - I answer questions about how to ​design and teach online classes with love, compassion, and humanity.

​​Thinking of You:
A podcast for people who teach online

Thinking of You Podcast

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