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Slides & Staying in Touch

Tools and Clinical Resources

  • Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (AutoMEQ): A validated, 19-question online survey that assesses where you fall on the morningness-eveningness spectrum and provides an estimate of when your melatonin levels start to rise, etc. No log-in required.
  • Munich ChronoType Questionnaire (MCTQ): Another validated instrument to measure chronotype, although unfortunately this one isn't available as an online tool. You need to print it out, fill it in, and score it yourself.
  •  The PROMIS toolbox has a number of validated assessment tools for adults & pediatric populations, including tools specific for sleep disturbance, sleep-related impairment, etc. These could be helpful in measuring progress if administered before and during/after interventions. Most are available in English & Spanish on the website, and numerous other languages by request.  
  • National Sleep Foundation Sleep Diary: I often use this free printable/PDF 7-day sleep diary with clients to track sleep and any extenuating circumstances.
  • Ologies podcast: These two somnology episodes (about an hour each) are amazing & cover sleep physiology + so much more. She definitely doesn't keep the language clean, so skip this one if that's bothersome 🙂
  • Clue app: My favorite period-tracking app due to their we-don't-sell-or-share-your-data policy & because they are working towards being trans-inclusive. Excellent for tracking how sleep changes through the menstrual cycle and/or around perimenopause. 
  • Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace are nice options for beginners & people who need consistency with meditation. Insight Timer is a free option that's similar, although not quite as comprehensive/user-friendly.

Academic Resources

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