One Good Thing

​One ​good thing in your inbox every morning, Monday through Friday. That's it. 

​A daily reminder that good things exist.

​Things are hard right now. 

​​It helps me to remember the good things.

I'll send you one good thing every weekday morning.

Maybe it'll be a poem. Maybe a song. Maybe a quote or a picture. Or a funny video.

Nothing that will take you more than a minute or two to ​enjoy.

The goal is to remember, just for a minute, that some things are okay. ​

​I'm not selling anything. I'm not giving you advice.

Bathroom humor and inappropriate language are not out of the question. 

Unsubscribe anytime. 

​I'll keep going until we're not living in a hellscape anymore.

xo, Camille

​Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” - Anne Frank

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