The 2024 Nervous System Deep Dive

A year-long exploration of nervous system health for advanced herbalists and nutritionists

Monthly continuing education for practitioners. 

The nervous system is involved in virtually any type of healing, and our understanding of how it works continues to evolve. 

It's complicated. It's beautiful.

We're learning more and more every day about how the nervous system is intertwined with every other system and process in the body.

In this year's Deep Dive, we'll take a closer look at the inner workings of the nervous system and explore a handful of diseases and conditions that primarily affect the nervous system. 

Even though things are busy and time is tight, you can keep learning and updating your understanding of the nervous system by simply showing up for 1.5 hours each month as we learn together

All of the information is taught by people who have been in practice for decades, and who know how to highlight the clinical significance of the material

Once you're out of school and in practice:

  • It's easy to forget things that you learned
  • You couldn't cover it all in your classes and the science keeps evolving.
  • You're more interested now that you're actually seeing clients!
  • You don't have time to dive into the research, even though you want to keep learning
  • You value learning from people who are in practice

It's possible to stay keep learning, even when time is limited.

I know most of us would love to be perpetually in school (guilty!); however, when you have a busy clinical practice, you simply do not have time to get another degree, take intensive classes, or do the research yourself. 

Let me save you from digging up your school notes, poring through the research yourself to make sure you haven’t missed anything critical, and/or purchasing an updated endocrinology textbook that costs more than this series (!). 

Let's brush up on the phys basics, review evidence-informed clinical strategies, and learn about testing options, and the latest research related to the topics at hand.

I spend 20+ hours (often double that 😳) combing through the research and compiling information on clinically-relevant topics so that you don't have to. Everything will be condensed into a series of 1.5-hour lectures for advanced practitioners. Just what you need to know to stay current and/or to update your clinical strategies. 


The 2024 Nervous System Deep Dive 

Monthly live trainings designed for advanced practitioners to help you understand neurophysiology and associated clinical strategies

It's easy to keep learning.

Set aside one hour per month to refresh your knowledge and grow your clinical skills. 

Designed for advanced practitioners.

Classes are focused on clinical application and the needs/interests of actively practicing clinicians.

Clear and concise.

Sessions are designed to be focused, clear, and fun. You'll learn just what you need, without unnecessary extras.

Approved for NPCE by the ANA

The American Nutrition Association has pre-approved these sessions for continuing education credits

Here's what we'll do in the Nervous System Deep Dive: 

  • Brush up on nervous system phys/pathophys 
  • Review clinical tools, skills, and techniques relevant to nervous system health
  • Understand dietary, lifestyle, herbal, and nutritional strategies to consider for each topic covered
  • Pick up at least a few new protocols, recommendations, or formulas to use with clients
  • Earn some CEU (hopefully!)
  • Revel in how fascinating and important the nervous system is

What's Included in the 2024 Nervous System Deep Dive

🌟 This year, classes are 1.5 hours rather than 1 hour 🌟

10 Training Classes

Each 1.5-hour live webinar includes a deep dive into pathophysiology + suggestions for how to support people clinically with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements.

Can’t make it live? You’ll have access to the recordings, slides, references, and any other resources provided.

All webinars are on Mondays from 5-6:30 pm ET

Certificate(s) of Completion

Complete a short quiz after each webinar, and you’ll get a certificate of completion. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll get continuing education credits, all sessions will be > 50% nutrition/herb-related content, and thus they should count for most of you! 

The Nervous System Deep Dive has been pre-approved for up to 15 NPCE credits by the American Nutrition Association. 

Access to Recordings, Slides, Reference Lists, and Other Resources

After each webinar, the recording will be posted within 48 hours. You’ll be able to download the slides and access the full references list for each presentation. We’ll also share other links and resources when applicable. NPCEs are available through December 2026.

NEw! two bonus classes on marketing and practice management

If you share the deep dive with a friend or on social media, you'll get access to two additional trainings: 

  • (Para)Sympathetic Signals: Marketing with the Nervous System in Mind on Aug 12 at 5 pm ET
  • The Practical Practice: How to run your practice in ways that lower stress and free up time on Dec 9 at 5 pm ET

In case we don't already know one another...


I’m Camille Freeman, DCN, RH

I offer continuing education and community for highly trained herbalists and nutritionists. I taught physiology and pathophysiology in the Department of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at MUIH for 15+ years. Teaching about how the human body works is one of my very favorite things. After being in practice for almost 20 years, I can say from experience that the nervous system ties in to almost all clinical cases. When we learn how to address nervous system function, we begin to facilitate healing on a deeper level.  

Camille Freeman, LDN

Nervous System Deep Dive Topics

All Deep Dive sessions are on Mondays from 5-6:30 pm ET. Recordings, slides, and reference lists will be posted. Note that the dates are set, but some topics may swap months as I get our guest speaker schedule sorted out. Expand each box below to view the class description, when available. 

January 22: Nervous System Review + the Vagus Nerve with Camille Freeman

This class explores the intricate interplay between the nervous system, the microbiome, the blood-brain barrier, and the concept of the mind being in the body. We'll review the fascinating architecture of the nervous system, delve into the bidirectional communication of the vagus nerve, discover how the microbiome influences brain health, and understand the protective role of the blood-brain barrier. By embracing the concept of the mind embodied, this class highlights the inseparable connection between mental and physical well-being, setting the stage for the rest of the topics covered in the Deep Dive.

February 12: Migraines with Eric Yarnell

After reviewing the evidence that migraine is primarily a neurological not a vascular phenomenon, and that "tension" headaches are actually a type of migraine, we will delve into what herbs might help prevent and treat the range of patients with migraine conditions. This will include both clinical experience and clinical research, and will include a critique of those herbs that supposedly work but don't seem to practically. Cases will be used to illustrate herbal approaches to people with migraine.

March 11: Depressive Disorders with Camille Freeman

In this class, we'll explore the physiological underpinnings of depressive disorders, recent developments in the field, and integrative strategies for practitioners. This class delves into the intricate interplay between neurobiology, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle modifications, and herbal interventions. Through evidence-based insights and practical guidance, participants will gain a deeper understanding of depressive disorders, explore the role of various factors in their etiology, and discover a range of integrative approaches to enhance our clients' well-being.

April 8: Brain Fog + Anxiety with 7Song

This deep dive will look at two very common mental health issues, anxiety and brain fog. Anxiety often encompasses overthinking, intrusive thoughts, inability to relax, worry, and other feelings. Brain fog is a form of cognitive dysfunction with symptoms that include difficulty in concentration, poor memory, dissociation, and inability to be present. Both of these underlying health concerns can greatly reduce one's enjoyment of life. Both have many possible causes, including illness, trauma, and concern about one's self, family, and the world we live in. Herbal medicine can be part of a treatment strategy that is beneficial for both of these conditions. The preparations and herbs can be taken for acute needs as well as taken as nervines to help the nervous system adapt over time. Some of the herbs that will be discussed include Calamus, Damiana, Rose, Wood betony, and Gotu kola.

May 13: Neuroinflammation + Parkinson's Disease with Camille Freeman

In this 1.5-hour continuing education class, we'll explore pathophysiology relating to neuroinflammation, including the distinction between classical inflammation and microglial activation. We'll briefly touch on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI). We'll also explore evidence-informed clinical strategies involving diet, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs to support neurological health.

June 10: GLP-1 Agonists with Camille Freeman

Get up-to-date with the latest info on GLP-1 receptor agonists that are in widespread use for type 2 diabetes and weight loss, among other things. This class aims to dissect both the potential benefits and the complexities associated with GLP-1 agonist therapy. This class is designed for nutritionists, herbalists, and other practitioners who wish to provide informed and nuanced dietary advice to clients using GLP-1 agonists, ensuring both the advantages and potential risks are clearly understood and managed.

July 8: Stress + Sleep with Camille Freeman

We'll explore the relationship between sleep and stress, with a focus on relevance for clinical work. We'll briefly dive into the nitty gritty, exploring physiological connections between the two for a few minutes at the beginning of the lecture. Much of the class will focus on the role of lifestyle "inputs" on sleep and stress, including alcohol, cannabis, caffeine, physical activity, food timing and macronutrient composition. The concept of "sleep reactivity" will be covered, along with suggestions for how to work with clients who want to change their relationship with sleep and stress.

August: No Deep Dive - Break! 

September 9: ADHD with Camille Freeman

Description TBD

October 21: Trauma-Informed Practice with Larken Bunce

Chronic stress and trauma are present in all of our lives some degree. These experiences directly impact our clients’ health, both as causative factors and as obstacles to healing. Our own experiences and understanding of stress and trauma will naturally also impact how we show up as practitioners. So, it’s imperative that all practitioners be trauma-informed as part of ethical and effective practice that centers client needs and wellbeing.

This class will introduce the tenets of trauma-informed care and distinguish between being trauma-informed and treating trauma directly. We’ll discuss staying within our scope of practice, determining helpful supports and referrals, and centering client agency in the context of the mental healthcare system. We’ll also review the mechanisms through which chronic stress and trauma can cause and compound various conditions and negatively impact overall health and resilience through alterations in the nervous, endocrine, immune, and digestive systems and their constant interplay. (And, yes, our famous friend, the vagus nerve, will also make an appearance.)

Key approaches to support clients experiencing chronic stress and/or trauma as their primary concern or as part of a larger set of health goals will also be provided, including herbs, nutrition and somatic practices. Finally, we’ll address practitioner resources for working with stress and trauma in our own lives and communities, recognizing that our own unsupported trauma can sometimes pose the biggest obstacle to responsibly and effectively partnering with our clients.

November 18: Neurological Sequelae of Infection with Camille Freeman 

Full description TBA, but generally we'll be talking about neurological implications of infections like COVID, Lyme, and others. 

December: No Deep Dive - Break! 

Monday, Dec 12 from 7-8 pm ET with Camille 

Well organized

"Camille broke down a complex subject and made it easier to understand. I can’t wait to start the next deep dive series!"

Lynn Pride



Incredible value for a modest price

"Camille has such a talent for presenting complex pathophysiology in terms that are easy to understand and remember. I loved the depth and breadth of the clinical interventions for each condition, as well as the references that were included so I can dive even deeper.

Cindy S

Herbalist & Nutritionist


A great way to learn

"The theme for each month was very specific, and Camille explains everything in a fun and interesting way, so you don't get bored. Having the quiz option is also encouraging and gives you some kind of accountability to make sure you understood the topic."

Xime Tini

Menstrual Therapist


 💡 Important Note 💡 

These trainings are designed for advanced practitioners. You'll get the most out of the Deep Dive if you have a strong background in human physiology and at least some clinical experience. 

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Meet our Guest Teachers

Eric Yarnell head shot

Eric Yarnell

Migraines in February

Read Full Bio

Eric Yarnell, ND, RH(AHG) graduated from Bastyr University (Seattle, WA) in 1996, after which he completed a two-year residency/apprenticeship with master herbalist and physician Silena Heron, RN, ND in Sedona, AZ. Dr. Yarnell served as chair of the department of botanical medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM; Tempe, AZ, now Sonoran University of Health Sciences). He has served as senior and associate editor of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine. He has been in private practice since 1997 specializing in men’s health, urology, and nephrology. He is chief medical officer at Northwest Naturopathic Urology (at Health Moves in Woodinville, WA and Hill Park Integrative Medical Center in Sebastopol, CA). Dr. Yarnell achieved the rank of professor in the botanical medicine department at Bastyr University; he now works as an adjunct and clinical research associate there. He is also adjunct faculty at SUHS and Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (Vancouver, BC, now part of CCNM), the latter of which he played a small role in founding. 

He is a co-founder and chief creativity office of Wild Brilliance Press, a publisher of natural medicine textbooks for students and practitioners. He is also vice president of Heron Botanicals, Inc. an herbal pharmacy providing hand-crafted, whole plant extracts exclusively to health care providers. He is founder and CEO of Red Root Pharmaceuticals which works to develop botanical drugs. He is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Yarnell is author of numerous texts and articles including Natural Approach to Gastroenterology 2nd ed (with the 3rd ed forthcoming in 2024), Natural Approach to Urology 2nd ed, Natural Approach to Prostate Conditions 2nd ed, and Naturopathic Nephrology (forthcoming). He is co-author of Clinical Botanical Medicine 2nd ed and the A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions. He is a contributing author for The Textbook of Natural Medicine 4th ed and Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine 2nd ed. He has lectured widely in North America and the world. He was awarded the American Association of Naturopathic Physician’s Vis Award in 2014, the Borborygmus Award from the Gastroenterology Association of Naturopathic Physicians in 2020, and is two-time recipient of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association’s Faculty of the Year Award, in 2018 and 2020.

7Song head shot


Anxiety + Brain Fog in April

Read Full Bio

7Song is a clinical herbalist, teacher, botanist and naturalist. He is the primary teacher at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, which he started in 1992 in Ithaca, NY. He is a founder and clinical herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic, a free integrative clinic that opened its doors in 2006.

7Song began studying herbal medicine and plants in 1981 and continues to study and learn the multiple avenues that plants can be helpful in health. 

He feels that it is important that herbalists and herbal medicine be accessible and available to all people and communities.

He can often be found in fields, bogs, and forests, identifying and photographing plants and critters.



Topic TBD in June

Read Full Bio

Larken Bunce head shot

Larken Bunce

Trauma-Informed Practice in October

Read Full Bio

Larken Bunce, MS is a clinical herbalist, educator, writer, gardener and photographer. She is executive director and core faculty at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, which runs a full-time sliding-scale community clinic and training programs spanning self-care to clinical practice. Her practice and teaching draw equally from science and spirit, novel practice and tradition, clinic and garden, reflecting her diverse experiences in almost 30 years in the field.

She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine from MUIH (previously Tai Sophia Institute), as well as certificates in Zen Shiatsu and Swedish/Esalen Massage, and is an advanced-level intern practitioner of Somatic Experiencing.

Her teaching interests lie at the intersections of liberation studies, ecopsychology, trauma studies and somatic therapies. Larken is passionate about accessible and inclusive care, bridging traditional medical systems with biomedical sciences, and restoring nature to culture through herbal medicine.


Can i attend a single webinar without registering for the series?

No problem! Nervous System Deep Dive single classes are $42 and can be purchased individually on this site. If you'd like to purchase a single class from a previous deep dive, you can do so from the training library.  I also post registration opportunities in my newsletter  

Can I attend if I'm not a practitioner? 

There's no bouncer at the door to stop you 😁 However, do know that we're assuming everyone attending has a foundation in basic physiology and at least preliminary clinical skills when it comes to herbs and nutrition. We won't be covering the basics (e.g. what is CCK? What are the safety issues associated with licorice?). If you don't have a strong clinical foundation, you might be better off seeking a different program! Contact me if you're not sure whether these classes will be too advanced.

I can't attend live. Are there recordings?

We post the recordings within 24-48 hours. You can go back and watch them whenever you’d like. When you register for the full 2024 Nervous System Deep Dive, you'll have access to all replays indefinitely. Quizzes/certificates from the 2024 NS Deep Dive need to be completed by December 2026. 

Are these classes accessible? 

I do enable live captioning within Zoom during the classes. It’s not 100% accurate (particularly with anatomical and botanical language), but it’s pretty good. Recordings will have accurate closed captions (we edit these manually to make sure they're right!), and a transcript will also be available. If there’s anything else I can do to make the webinars or the recordings more accessible for you, please reach out.

How can I know the price is worth it? 

It's pretty subjective, isn't it? One of the big benefits of signing up is outsourcing the research that's required to stay updated on these topics. Each class usually takes me 20+ hours to prepare. You'll leave with the condensed version that highlights the most important pieces that inform our clinical work, saving you the time and hassle of poring through the latest research yourself. Many active clinicians and students find that dedicating one evening per month to continuing education is very much worth it :). If you aren't sure, consider buying a single deep dive class from a previous clear in the training library to get a feel for my teaching style and the depth of the material before you sign up. 

Can i get CEUs for these classes?

These classes have been pre-approved by the American Nutrition Association for up to 15 NPCE credits. They are likely eligible for other organizations as well, although I can’t make any guarantees, as the requirements differ depending on which state you’re in and what type of CEUs you need. Webinars will include at least 50% nutrition- or herb-related information, and presenters will not be selling or promoting any specific products. 

Nervous System Deep Dive classes are eligible for CEUs through December 2026. Hormone Deep Dive classes are eligible for CEUs through December 2025. GI Deep Dive classes are eligible for CEUs through December 2024. 

Do you have student or educator discounts?

If you are an advanced herb/nutrition student or if you are an educator in an advanced herb/nutrition program, please contact me to discuss discounts for your program, which may include students, educators and/or alumni. I will ask you to share the discounted offer with others in your school/program. I offer a 25% discount when up to 10 people enroll from a particular school/program, and a 50% discount when 11+ people enroll. 

I am from a country where the economy is very different. Do you offer parity pricing?

Parity pricing is available for people living in countries where the cost of goods and services is substantially lower than what we experience in the US. Parity pricing adjusts the cost of the Deep Dive based on these factors. If you are eligible, you should see a banner at the top of the page with a discount code. 

Not seeing the code? It may be because you're using a VPN. Try turning off the VPN or contact Camille if that is not possible!

Are there other ways to access your recorded webinars?

Yes! When you join Monday Mentoring, the Nervous System Deep Dive + my full webinar library are included in your membership (including both the GI Deep Dive and the Hormone Deep Dive). You can also purchase individual classes and courses from my library. Monday Mentoring costs between $75 and $129 per month. 

Relevant to my practice

"I know I can trust Camille to be up to date on the research and to have pearls of wisdom to share from her clinical practice.

Time spent in her classes is worth every penny."

Tara T



Strongly recommend

"I LOVED Camille's teaching style, very practical and 'down-to-earth.' She has a wealth of knowledge of how all the organ systems work at the cellular level. Strongly recommended due to the magnitude of knowledge you will take away from the course."

Lori G

Nutritionist & Herbalist


Making challenging subject matter easy to retain

"She has a wonderful way of delivering the most challenging subject matter and making it easy to retain. You leave feeling more knowledgeable and empowered. She is an adult learner's teacher!"

Mazie H


Certified Nutriiton Specialist/BCNS

Bloom & Grow Nutrition, LLC is accredited by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ (BCNS℠) to provide Nutrition Professional Continuing Education (NPCE) credits for Certified Nutrition Specialists® (CNS®). Bloom & Grow designates this activity/material for a maximum of 10 NPCE Credits (regular Deep Dive) or 15 NCPE Credits (Deep Dive Plus).