The 2023 Hormone Deep Dive

A year-long exploration of hormones for advanced herbalists and nutritionists

Every now & then, it's time to refresh your knowledge. 

Hormones are fascinating, and they're also complicated. 

It's one thing to read about negative feedback loops and the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in school. 

It's quite another thing to juggle clinical work with folks who have complicated cases while you're also trying to stay abreast of the latest research and understand how hormones are affecting everything else that's going on. 

You learned about hormones in school, but... 

  • It's been a while.
  • You couldn't cover it all in your classes and the science keeps evolving.
  • You're more interested now that you're actually seeing clients!

It's possible to stay up-to-date in the middle of your busy, messy life. 

I know most of us would love to be perpetually in school (guilty!); however, when you have a busy clinical practice, you simply do not have time to get another degree, take intensive classes, or do the research yourself. 

Let me save you from digging up your school notes, poring through the research yourself to make sure you haven’t missed anything critical, and/or purchasing an updated endocrinology textbook that costs more than this series (!). 

Let's brush up on the phys basics, review evidence-informed clinical strategies, and learn about testing options, and the latest research related to the topics at hand.

I spend 10+ hours (often double that 😳) combing through the research and compiling information on clinically-relevant topics so that you don't have to. Everything will be condensed into a series of 1-hour lectures for advanced practitioners. Just what you need to know to stay current and/or to update your clinical strategies. 


The 2023 Hormone Deep Dive 

Monthly live trainings designed for advanced practitioners to help you understand endocrine physiology and associated clinical strategies

It's easy to keep learning.

Set aside one hour per month to refresh your knowledge and grow your clinical skills. 

Designed for advanced practitioners.

Classes are focused on clinical application and the needs/interests of actively practicing clinicians.

Clear and concise.

Sessions are designed to be focused, clear, and fun. You'll learn just what you need, without unnecessary extras.

Approved for CEUs by the ANA

The American Nutrition Association has pre-approved these sessions for continuing education credits

Here's what we'll do in 2023: 

  • Brush up on endocrine phys/pathophys
  • Review clinical tools, skills, and techniques relevant to hormonal health
  • Understand dietary, lifestyle, herbal, and nutritional strategies to consider for each topic covered
  • Pick up at least a few new protocols, recommendations, or formulas to use with clients
  • Earn some CEU (hopefully!)
  • Revel in how fascinating and important the endocrine system is

What's Included in the 2023 Hormone Deep Dive

10 hormone-Focused Training Classes

Each 1-hour live webinar includes a deep dive into pathophysiology + suggestions for how to support people clinically with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements.

Can’t make it live? You’ll have access to the recordings, slides, references, and any other resources provided.

All webinars are on Mondays at either 5 pm or 7 pm ET.

Certificate(s) of Completion

Complete a short quiz after each webinar, and you’ll get a certificate of completion. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll get continuing education credits, all sessions will be > 50% nutrition/herb-related content, and thus they should count for most of you! 

The Hormone Deep Dive has been pre-approved for NPCE credits by the American Nutrition Association. 

Access to Recordings, Slides, Reference Lists, and Other Resources

After each webinar, the recording will be posted within 48 hours. You’ll be able to download the slides and access the full references list for each presentation. We’ll also share other links and resources when applicable. You’ll have access to the recordings for 2 years.

NEw! Option to join 5 mini trainings with extended Q&A time

When you register, you will have the option to add on five mini trainings related to hormone health. These will include a 20-30 minute lecture + 30-40 minutes of open Q&A covering any of the Deep Dive topics. 

In case we don't already know one another...


I’m Camille Freeman, LDN, DCN, RH

I offer continuing education and community for highly trained herbalists and nutritionists. I’m also a professor at MUIH, where I teach physiology and pathophysiology in the Department of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Teaching about how the human body works is one of my very favorite things. After being in practice for 15+ years, I can vouch for how understanding endocrine physiology can deepen your clinical work. 

Camille Freeman, LDN

Hormone Deep Dive Topics

All Deep Dive sessions are on Mondays at either 5 pm or 7 pm ET. Recordings, slides, and reference lists will be posted. Note that the dates are set, but some topics may swap months as I get our guest speaker schedule sorted out.

January 9 at 5 pm ET: Endocrine Physiology Review with Camille Freeman

Monday, January 9 from 5-6 pm ET with Camille

February 13 at 7 pm ET: Insulin & Blood Sugar Balance with Ember Peters

February 13 from 7-8 pm with herbalist Ember Peters

March 13 at 5 pm ET: Melatonin & Circadian Rhythm with Camille Freeman

Monday, March 13 from 5-6 pm ET with Camille 

April 10 at 7 pm ET: Vitamin D & Calcium Regulation with Dr. Bryan Walsh

Monday, April 10 from 7-8 pm ET with Camille or a guest (TBD)

May 8 at 5 pm: The Menstrual Cycle & Phytoestrogens with Camille Freeman

Monday, May 8 from 5-6 pm ET with Camille

June 12 at 7 pm ET: Adaptogens and the HPA Axis with guest TBD

June 12 from 7-8 pm with guest speaker TBD

July 10 at 5 pm ET: Thyroid Hormones with Camille Freeman

Monday, July 10 from 5-6 pm ET with Camille. 

August: No Deep Dive - Break! 

September 11 at 5 pm ET: Perimenopause with Camille Freeman

Monday, Sept 11 from 5-6 pm ET with Dr. Camille Freeman

October 16 at 7 pm ET: GI Hormones with Camille Freeman

October 17 from 7-8 pm with Camille

November 13 at 5 pm ET: PCOS with Camille Freeman

Monday, Nov 13 from 5-6 pm ET with Camille 

December: No Deep Dive - Break! 

Monday, Dec 12 from 7-8 pm ET with Camille 

⭐ Optional Add-On: Mini Trainings + Extended Q&A ⭐

New for 2023! Mini trainings on a handful of bonus topics + an extended q&a period covering any of the deep dive topics.  Attend all of these to earn 5 additional continuing education hours! 

Bonus session Dates & Topics

Sessions will be recorded and CEU certificates will be available, although you'll get the most out of these if you attend live. 

  • Libido & Sexual Function with Camille: Wednesday, March 22 from 12 - 1 pm ET
  • Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy: Considerations for Practitioners with guest TBD: Thursday, June 22 from 12 - 1 pm ET
  • The Relationship Between Sex Hormones and Kidney Stones with Camille: Monday, Aug 14 from 7-8 pm ET
  • Testsosterone & Sperm/Semen Health with Liane Moccia: Thursday, October 26 from 12 - 1 pm ET
  • Oral Contraceptives & Nutrient Depletion: Myth or Fact? with Camille Monday, Dec 11 from 7-8 pm ET

Well organized

"Camille broke down a complex subject and made it easier to understand. I can’t wait to start the next deep dive series!"

Lynn Pride



Incredible value for a modest price

"Camille has such a talent for presenting complex pathophysiology in terms that are easy to understand and remember. I loved the depth and breadth of the clinical interventions for each condition, as well as the references that were included so I can dive even deeper.

Cindy S

Herbalist & Nutritionist


A great way to learn

"The theme for each month was very specific, and Camille explains everything in a fun and interesting way, so you don't get bored. Having the quiz option is also encouraging and gives you some kind of accountability to make sure you understood the topic."

Xime Tini

Menstrual Therapist


 💡 Important Note 💡 

These trainings are designed for advanced practitioners. You'll get the most out of the Deep Dive if you have a strong background in human physiology and at least some clinical experience. 

Brush up on your endocrine physiology and deepen your clinical skills in 2023.

Hormone Deep Dive

  • 10 live trainings
  • Quizzes and certificates for each training (up to 10 CEUs)
  • Access to recordings, notes, and slides for 2 full years

Cost: $290  

Pay in full or pay $29/mo x 10 months*

* Individual classes cost $39. Save $100 when you buy the package of 10. 

Hormone & GI Deep Dives

  • Everything in the Hormone Deep Dive Plus for 2 years (15 trainings)
  • Access to recordings of the full 2022 GI Deep Dive for 1 year (12 trainings)
  • Quizzes and certificates for each training (up to 27 CEUs)

Cost: $700

Pay in full or pay $70/mo x 10 months*

* The GI Deep Dive is no longer available outside of this offer. It's price was $349 for all 12 classes. 

💡Tip! Did you know you can join Monday Mentoring for $75/month and get access to both Deep Dives,  my full webinar library & 3 live group calls per week? 

Prefer to register for single classes? Do so here or join my mailing list to be reminded closer to the sessions. Classes are $39 each when purchased individually. Bonus trainings cannot be purchased separately. 

Friendly reminder: If you’re in Monday Mentoring, do not register! These are included in your membership 😊

About our Guest Lecturers

Ember Peters smiling in front of greenery

Ember Peters (They/she)

Teaching blood sugar regulation & Insulin in February

Ember is a clinical herbalist and educator based in rural Nova Scotia, Unceded Mi'kmaq Territory. They are the founder of Wild Current Herbalism and the Maritime School of Holistic Herbalism. Ember's practice focuses on transgender herbal care and holistic care for endocrine imbalances and chronic illness. Ember strives to provide accessible sliding-scale herbal care to underserved people. Ember teaches beginner to advanced students including clinical mentorship. Guided by nature, Ember's teaching and clinical practice integrates scientific knowledge with energetic systems and recognizes community based holistic health as a tangible step towards collective and individual liberation and resilience. Ember is a Registered Herbal Practitioner with the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia (HANS).
Learn more at and on Instagram @wildcurrentherbs


Bryan Walsh (he/him)

Teaching Vitamin D and Calcium regulation in April

Bio coming soon!

hpa Axis guest Lecturer

tbd!!In June 

Coming soon! 

Frequently asked questions

What if I just want to attend a single webinar?

No problem! They’ll be available for purchase individually for $39 starting about a month in advance. Scroll to the bottom of this page to register for those that are available. I'll also post registration opportunities in my newsletter 🤓 Please note that you cannot register after the webinar has started, so if you want to have access do sign up early, even if you can't attend live. 

I'm not a practitioner. Can I attend?

There's no bouncer at the door to stop you 😁. However, do know that we're assuming everyone attending has a foundation in basic physiology and at least preliminary clinical skills when it comes to herbs and nutrition. We won't be covering the basics (e.g. what is CCK? What are the safety issues associated with licorice?). If you don't have a strong clinical foundation, you might be better off seeking a different program! Contact me if you're not sure whether these classes will be too advanced.

What if I need to miss some/all of the classes?

We post the recordings within 24-48 hours. You can go back and watch them whenever you’d like. When you register for the full 2023 Hormone Deep Dive, you'll have access to all replays for 2 years.

Are the classes accessible? 

I do enable live captioning within Zoom during the classes. It’s not 100% accurate (particularly with anatomical and botanical language), but it’s pretty good. Recordings will have accurate closed captions (I edit the myself to make sure they're right!), and a transcript will also be available. If there’s anything else I can do to make the webinars or the recordings more accessible for you, please reach out.

How do I know this will be worth it? 

It's pretty subjective, isn't it? One of the big benefits of signing up is outsourcing the research that's required to stay updated on these topics. Each class usually takes me 8-10 hours to prepare (sometimes more 😬). You'll leave with the condensed version that highlights the most important pieces that inform our clinical work.

Can I get CEUs for these classes?

These classes have been pre-approved by the American Nutrition Association for NPCE credits. They are likely eligible for other organizations as well, although I can’t make any guarantees, as the requirements differ depending on which state you’re in and what type of CEUs you need. Webinars will include at least 50% nutrition- or herb-related information, and presenters will not be selling or promoting any specific products. 

How long do I have to complete the quizzes and get my certificate(s)?

You’ll have until the end of 2024 to finish everything up. 

What is parity pricing and am I eligible? 

Parity pricing is available for people living in countries where the cost of goods and services is substantially lower than what we experience in the US. Parity pricing adjusts the cost of the Deep Dive based on these factors. If you are eligible, you should see a banner at the top of the page with a discount code. 

Not seeing the code? It may be because you're using a VPN. Try turning off the VPN or contact me if that is not possible.

I'm not interested in the hormone series, but I do want the webinar library. Is that possible? 

Yes! You can access all past webinars 2019-2021 webinar library for $29/month. Note: if you join Monday Mentoring, the hormone Deep Dive + the webinar library are included in your membership (and so is the 2022 GI Deep Dive!) 

Relevant to my practice

"I know I can trust Camille to be up to date on the research and to have pearls of wisdom to share from her clinical practice.

Time spent in her classes is worth every penny."

Tara T



Strongly recommend

"I LOVED Camille's teaching style, very practical and 'down-to-earth.' She has a wealth of knowledge of how all the organ systems work at the cellular level. Strongly recommended due to the magnitude of knowledge you will take away from the course."

Lori G

Nutritionist & Herbalist


Making challenging subject matter easy to retain

"She has a wonderful way of delivering the most challenging subject matter and making it easy to retain. You leave feeling more knowledgeable and empowered. She is an adult learner's teacher!"

Mazie H


Certified Nutriiton Specialist/BCNS

Bloom & Grow Nutrition, LLC is accredited by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ (BCNS℠) to provide Nutrition Professional Continuing Education (NPCE) credits for Certified Nutrition Specialists® (CNS®). Bloom & Grow designates this activity/material for a maximum of 10 NPCE Credits (regular Deep Dive) or 15 NCPE Credits (Deep Dive Plus).