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The Grow Course

get serious about finding more clients

Take action to build a sustainable practice.

You're highly trained. You want nothing more than to help. 

And yet... clients aren't streaming through your doors.

You need enough clients to sustain yourself, but you don't want to revert to deception to find them. 

I'm so glad you're here.

Finding clients can be fun, ethical and rewarding - for both you and the client. 

Let's find clients together.

In the Grow course, we'll go over how you can find new clients and bring them into your practice.

Paying for the course will help to keep you accountable.

So will our weekly group meetings, and the homework that will be due. 

You won't be alone in figuring all of this out.

Here's the deal, though.

There aren't any special secrets.

The key to finding more clients is getting clear on who you serve, finding out how to reach these people, and offering to help them.

That's it.

From there, it's all about action.


Trying things. Some will work. Some won't.

You will make progress, and you will know what to do, and how to do it.

Here's something very important for you to know:

This course isn't about how to fill your practice in 2 months.

It usually takes 2-3 years before your practice is running at full capacity. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.)

What you'll get instead is support, encouragement, and a specific plan to get the ball rolling and keep it moving.

If you start now, you'll be making progress toward that goal.

When you finish, you'll have momentum and a plan of action to keep growing and building your practice in a way that matches your own heart. 

It is about you taking action and finding what works.

This isn't a buy-it-now, listen/watch/do later course (which too often means never, right?!).

Only sign up for this course if you're ready to jump in fully right away. 

Not at some later time.

Not eventually.

Not when things calm down.

Right now, in the middle of your messy life exactly as it is on day one of the course.

Only a small percentage of your time will be spent taking in information.

Most of your time and energy will be spent doing deep thinking, and - most of all - trying things.

You'll be out there doing hard things, and I'll be here to support you.  

If you're ready to get serious (in a fun way), I hope I'll see you there.

Should you sign up for the course?

If these are true, then yes!

  • You have your practice set-up and ready to go. Your doors are open. You have insurance, and forms, and a website, and a way for people to schedule and pay.
  • You feel that you can go farther in a group than you could go by yourself.
  • You are excited about showing up for live Zoom meetings every week on Thursdays at 7:00 pm ET.
  • You have at least 4-5 hours to work on your practice every week. (Not counting the time you spend with any current clients, working on formulas, etc.)
  • You would like more clients, but you don't exactly know what to do to find them.
  • You're ready to take action. Even if it's hard sometimes.  

What is the Grow Course?

It's an 8-week online course + small group experience designed to help you find more clients.

This course is for people who are ready to take action. It's not the kind of thing that you read/watch and forget about. It won't work unless you implement, and I'm here to help you do just that with personalized attention and feedback.

Next course dates: TBD (Fall 2021)

Live meetings weekly

Course cost: $792

or $99/week for 8 weeks*

Short lessons

Each week you'll get a short lesson to read/watch and digest. Some weeks, there will be optional readings and other resources to deepen the work. These are small nudges that prompt deep thinking.

weekly coaching group

We'll meet each week to go over questions, strategies, ideas and support. Max group size is 10, and your questions will be answered. Groups are magical. Trust me here.

action items

You'll have tasks to do each week and homework to submit. You'll get personalized feedback and encouragement from Camille every week (if you submit on time!).

Frequently asked questions

How much does the Grow course cost? 

The course is $792 (or $99/week). This includes live meetings weekly, individual feedback on your homework (if you submit it on time!), and a maximum group size of 10.

If you're a member of Monday Mentoring, you will receive a $100 discount.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay in 8 installments of $99/week. If you prefer a different payment plan, please message me. We'll make it happen.

When are the live sessions?

TBD. Please complete the form below to put in your preferences for the live session times! We'll meet once weekly for 1.5 hours.

What if I miss a live session? 

Sessions will be recorded, but I HIGHLY recommend that you plan to attend as many as possible live. The value in this course lies in getting your questions answered and the community being built with other students. 

Is this course accessible? 

All pre-recorded videos include closed captioning. Transcripts are available upon request. Live sessions will use Zoom's live transcription feature, which is mostly-but-not-entirely accurate. Live session recordings will include closed captions based on the Zoom transcription. I believe the written aspects of the course are accessible via screen reader, although as this is the first time I'm offering the course we may need to make adjustments along the way.

Will this course be offered again? 

The next round of the Grow course will be in the fall of 2021. If you have a group of 5-10 people who are interested in taking it before then, please message me and we can discuss an earlier start date!

When does it start? 

The next section of this course will start in the fall of 2021. Please sign up for the wait list below to be notified!

Do I need to use Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc to succeed in this course? 

No. You do not need to use social media in this course. If you choose to do so, that will work well with some of the strategies we discuss. And there are plenty of options for those who choose not to use social media as well!

Are you sure I'll have more clients if I take this course? 

These days, nothing is for sure! If you sign up for the course, but don't show up and do the work then you'll likely end up about where you started. If you show up every week, do the work, turn in the homework and jump in fully, I would be VERY surprised if you didn't find more clients. You'll have what you need to keep traveling in the right direction.

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feedback from other workshop/class participants:


Camille's workshops and webinars provide such practical, accessible knowledge tools that I am able to immediately apply to my herbal practice. Her friendly, generous, and easeful spirit make learning from her a true joy!

qiddist ashe


Camille is a wonderful, warm and engaging speaker. Her sessions and classes are always filled with practical recommendations. I often look for resources Camille shares through her classes and newsletters to share with my friends and students. You leave Camille's classes feeling excited about the topic, and empowered to take actions with her solid recommendations

lana camiel


Camille is an exceptional educator, mentor, and herbalist. Everything she does is top notch. I knew if she was administering/facilitating it would be WELL WORTH my time.

krista lamoreaux

Camille Freeman, LDN

Hi, I'm Camille. 

I mentor highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists so they can get the clinical hours, practice-building skills, and advanced knowledge they need to be exceptional practitioners. I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and herbalist since 2006, working in OB/Gyn offices, a fertility clinic and private practice. I have a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and I'm also a professor in the Department of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative health. You can read more about me here.

My pronouns are she/hers.

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