Email Newsletters for Beginners

an online workshop for Practitioners

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Does the idea of having your own email newsletter bring up fear and procrastination?

Just starting out and don't have an email newsletter yet?

Have a newsletter, but haven't sent any messages because you're not sure you have anything to say?

If you cringe at the thought of selling yourself, worry about bothering people, and/or just can't wrap your head around the logistics of creating and starting a newsletter, this virtual workshop is for you. 

My goal is for you to leave the workshop feeling excited to start writing a newsletter and/or to get back in the saddle if you've stopped writing yours. 

This workshop has ended, but you can still register for the replay ❤️

here's what we covered:

  • How to set up your email list
  • Whether you need a "freebie" or opt-in offer
  • Which services I recommend
  • What to write in your newsletters
  • How often to send your newsletter
  • How to get over your fear of bothering people
  • How much time you to allot for writing 
  • Questions!

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I'm Camille Freeman (she/her).

I offer community and continuing education for advanced herbalists and nutritionists who want to feel solid and supported in their clinical practices. I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and clinical herbalist for 15+ years, with a special focus on menstrual & reproductive health. I'm a registered herbalist with a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and I also served as a full professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I taught physiology, pathophysiology and mindful eating for many years.