Collaborative Mentoring for Herbalists

When you’re working toward your RH credential you’ll need to see 80 clients over two years, which is no easy feat - particularly when you’re just starting out.

You probably aren’t quite sure how you’re ever going to get those 400 hours under your belt and become an RH. 

It’s normal to have mixed emotions when you’re starting your practice

​You’re simultaneously excited to apply what you’ve learned and nervous about starting your clinical hours on your own, especially when it comes to working with people who are pregnant or trying to conceive. 

Should you recommend Angelica archangelica to a client who’s trying to get pregnant when it’s a perfect fit, even though you definitely don’t want them to take it during early pregnancy?

What should you do if a client is going through IVF and wants to take herbs for emotional support? What about when a client has PCOS and has tried all of the standard herbal recommendations with no success? How should you think about their case and the next steps? 

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You know there isn’t a single “correct” answer to these questions.

Every client and every situation is unique, which is why it can be so tricky to sort things out on your own.

You need help, guidance, and a mentor to point you in the right direction if you get flustered or encounter a complex situation that’s new to you. 

There’s a long list of amazing mentors to choose from. So many that it might be overwhelming to pick one. You might not even be sure what a mentor does or what type of mentoring you need. 

You don’t want to make a long-term commitment and spend lots of money only to find out that your mentor isn’t a good fit.

​How about a helping hand on your next case?

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When we work together, you’ll have help thinking through the case and making sure that you’re on the right track. Two heads are better than one, when it comes to putting all of the pieces together! 

When you deliver your recommendations to your client, you’ll trust that your plan is solid and that you haven’t overlooked anything critical. 

You’ll keep learning and growing as a practitioner because you’ll leave with specific recommendations about what to study or work on next as you work toward your RH.

With a guided self-reflection process, you’ll be able to use the RH credentialing experience to become an even more exceptional practitioner. 

You’ll get a chance to try out mentoring, without any long-term commitment. 

You’ll be fully supported through 5 clinical hours toward your RH credential:  3 hours when you complete the intake, 1 hour for our first meeting, and ½ hour (or more!) each for additional work on your formula/recommendations and our second meeting. 

Once you start building momentum it’s likely that you’ll just keep going, and before you know it you’ll have all the hours, experience, and skills you need to submit your RH application. 

​Collaborative Mentoring Package

​When you finish, you'll have:

  • A thorough case review with collaborative goal-setting and planning so that you feel confident in your recommendations
  • ​Personalized feedback and guidance so that you keep growing as a practitioner
  • ​Clarity about what you need from a mentoring relationship and how to choose the right mentor
  • ​Completed five (or more!) clinical hours toward toward your RH certification

The Collaborative Mentoring package includes:

A Structured Case Submission Process

​​You’ll share details about your case through my secure client portal, as well as any questions or concerns you have. You’ll be asked to share your assessment, short- and long-term goals, and your preliminary recommendations.​

​case collaboration Session

​We’ll meet either via a secure video platform - similar to Zoom or Skype - or via the phone to discuss your case for 60 minutes. Together, we’ll review your case and come up with a proposed plan for you to deliver to the client. I’ll answer any questions you have about the case and help with suggestions and recommendations.

​Support Between Sessions

​After we meet, you’ll prepare a final write-up to send to the client. If you’d like me to look it over before you share it, that’s included. I will also send a list of recommendations and/or resources for further study.

​Circle back session

​​After you share your recommendations with your client, we’ll meet again for 30 minutes to discuss any lingering questions and to talk about next steps for this client and for you as you work toward your RH credential.

​You’ll walk away with a solid plan for your client, a list of resources and recommendations to take your practice to the next level, and at least five hours toward your RH

​Collaborative Mentoring Package ​Price:


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You'll head over to Practice Better, my practice management system, to pick a time that works for you for our first appointment. Ideally, you'll schedule this appointment shortly after meeting with your client. ​Weekend and evening appointments are available. 


C​hoose whether you prefer to meet via phone or video conference 

​​Don't worry! If you choose to meet via video conference, there isn't any fancy software to download. You'll just need a device with a webcam and microphone. Phone is also fine if you prefer.


​Submit your payment

​​During this step, you'll have a chance to briefly introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your client. Please don’t put any personally-identifying information about your client here (name, DOB, etc).


​Prepare for our session

​You'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours as well as a link to a short online form to provide a summary of your case, your assessment, your goals, and a preliminary plan for the client. You'll also have a chance to upload any relevant documents into a secure platform for me to review before we meet as well. 


​Let's meet!

​You'll get a reminder message 24 hours before our meeting, with a link to join the session if you've opted for an online meeting. If you choose a phone meeting, I'll give you a call at the scheduled time.

​Have questions? Reach out anytime. 

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