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Thoughts on Community

ant on peony bud

I’m hoping to loosely partipate in an open course called Collaborative Community: Designing Community Engaged Research through VCU this trimester.  One of the first things we’re asked to do is to create a visual representation of what community means to each of us.  Perhaps because it’s spring, I knew I had to use an image […]

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Lyrics to “Old Bay” by Jim Duke

After my interview with Jim Duke last week, he was kind enough to play us a little tune. Here are the lyrics, for those who’d like to sing along 🙂 OLD BAY     by an old salt HEY HEY; OLD BAY; CAN YOU REALLY KEEP ARTHRITIS AWAY? THE SPICES THAT YOU USE ; CAN CURB […]

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UK to license herbalists

This news shows how different the landscape in Europe is compared to what we have going on here in the States. I believe this is a positive development for the UK, although licensure in this country would likely be a disaster at this point. In my opinion, American herbalists do not have the strength as […]

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Welcome to my new site!

Hello everyone! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve upgraded to a new and more exciting website. As usual, you can check out the blog for overexcitement about physiological minutia, answers to common client questions, nutrition rants and raves and a nagging feeling that it all fits together somehow. Please poke around, sign up to receive email […]

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