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An Interview with Dr. Jim Duke

If you’ve ever been to the Green Farmacy Garden on a Wednesday, then you’ll know that Wednesdays are volunteer days. The garden is buzzing with people chatting away as they weed, seed, move plants and otherwise tidy up the place. If you’ve never been to the garden – well, go. Dr. Jim Duke’s garden is […]

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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

Has your clinical work ever been questioned by another practitioner? It’s hard not to get defensive when a client says, “My [other practitioner] thinks the recommendations you gave me aren’t what I need.” My first thought is always, “Well, that other person clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. Where did SHE go to […]

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Two Good Things

Matt checks his email once, maybe twice a day. When he comes home from work, work is over. He’s got no obligation to do anything work-related until he arrives in the building the following morning. That’s one of the benefits of working in a secured facility, I guess! Me, on the other hand… if I […]

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Pop Tarts: Health Food?

Imagine my surprise when I found this in a hospital’s vending machine. At first, I thought my eyes must be deceiving me. Surely that little red symbol did not indicate some kind of “healthy” product? Sadly, though, here is what I found: Pop Tarts™ and Rice Krispies Treats are apparently considered healthier choices in hospital-vending-machine-world. […]

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Week 2, October Unprocessed

Better late than never, right? I’ve finally finished my week 2 meal plan for October Unprocessed 2012, and I’m excited to try some new recipes this week. Some thoughts on last week’s progress: I finally made almond milk, and it was delicious. I added a hearty splash of vanilla and some lovely Penzey’s cinnamon. I […]

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October Unprocessed Challenge

I’m excited to be participating in the October Unprocessed Challenge this year, hosted by Eating Rules. I invite all of my clients who are working on increasing fertility to join us, and of course steering clear of processed foods is also wise during pregnancy.  Andrew over at Eating Rules encourages you to customize the challenge […]

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