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5 Ways to Get a New Client THIS WEEK: A Challenge (+ A Free Webinar)

Having trouble getting new clients in the door? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Booking new clients is one of the biggest struggles for most practitioners who are looking to get a new business up and running. I get questions about this all. the. time. Below you’ll find a 24 minute presentation where I […]

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How to Identify an Herbalist

We’re an odd breed, aren’t we?  Alas, you can’t easily identify an herbalist with Newcomb’s or even with Gleason and Cronquist’s.  Here are my top 15 signs that you might be an herbalist: There is at least one bottle of unidentified tincture in your cabinet.  You were certain you’d never forget what was in there, […]

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October Unprocessed Week 4 Meal Plan

I’m running behind again. Sorry! Here’s my week 4 October Unprocessed meal plan. Better Tuesday than Friday, right? Last week the Harvest Skillet was a huge hit at our house. I used baby spinach instead of kale and added a few walnuts and dried cherries, and it was seriously tasty. We’ll definitely be making that […]

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October Unprocessed Meal Plan, Week 3

Better late than never, right? RIGHT? It’s been a long week. And we did have to do an emergency take-out dinner once – a sick kiddo and poor planning foiled my best intentions. However, overall we’re sticking with the plan, and it’s been fun experimenting with some new recipes and enjoying my fall favorites. We […]

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