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Apparently it IS possible to mess up oatmeal

Mark Bittman’s article in the NYT Opinionater this week reveals the dark side of McDonalds’ “healthy” choice. I bring this up not only because the article is a valuable resource for clients – including recipes for DIY oatmeal and the eye-popping fact that McD’s oatmeal has only 10 fewer calories than an Egg McMuffin or […]

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Phytoestrogens (soy) and hypothyroid – a new RCT

As you may recall, there is some concern that phytoestrogens – such as the daidzein and genestein found in soy – interfere with thyroid function. Specifically, some evidence (mostly in vitro) suggests that phytoestrogens may inhibit thyroid peroxidase (TPO), the enzyme found on/near the interface of the thyroid cell and the colloid matrix inside the […]

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