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How NOT to Learn Marketing

avoid slimy sales techniques

When I decided to start my clinical practice, I set out to learn more about marketing. It all started with a simple Google search. I found a website that seemed perfect. Let’s call it “Marketing for Holistic Peeps” I signed up for the email list and received a free ebook on marketing for people who […]

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Two Good Things

Matt checks his email once, maybe twice a day. When he comes home from work, work is over. He’s got no obligation to do anything work-related until he arrives in the building the following morning. That’s one of the benefits of working in a secured facility, I guess! Me, on the other hand… if I […]

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Herbalist + Marketing = ??

After teaching aspiring herbalists for many years, I can confidently say that few budding herbalists are drawn to the marketing/business side of building a practice. Most students are excited about learning herbal medicine and working with clients; many enjoy the creative aspects of making a business card and envisioning how their private practices will run. […]

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