Why I turned off TurnItIn

new plant in jail

Now that the dust has settled after our conversion to the Canvas LMS, I’ve had a bit more time to look around and see where we’ve landed. I’ve been meaning to look into TurnItIn more closely for several months. Although TurnItIn offers a variety of editing and revision options, I am discussing it here as […]

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Required Reading

white teddy bear reading a book

On Required ReadingI was scrolling through twitter this evening and came across these two tweets from @Jessifer:My anecdotal experience: the less reading I “require,” the more reading students do.— Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) July 18, 2016 How can we create spaces where “doing the reading” feels intrinsically valuable? https://t.co/JXzbyc23hk— Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) July 18, 2016 I’ve […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

red headphones

Since having kids, my free time has been somewhat limited. I used to read so much more. I took classes about this and that, just for fun. (Birds of the Eastern Shore with the Audobon Society, anyone? Voluntary Simplicity reading group?)   I know that a time will come when I can do these things again.  For now, […]

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HAPS Conference, part 1

I attended the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society’s annual conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I’ve written up a few of the highlights from my conference experience below.  Overall, it was probably the friendliest conference I’ve ever attended. There was a “first timer’s breakfast” to help get to know others, a “first timer” badge […]

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Thoughts on Community

ant on peony bud

I’m hoping to loosely partipate in an open course called Collaborative Community: Designing Community Engaged Research through VCU this trimester.  One of the first things we’re asked to do is to create a visual representation of what community means to each of us.  Perhaps because it’s spring, I knew I had to use an image […]

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Exam Review Strategy

tips for exam review

Reading through a listserv for A&P faculty, I came accross a link to this “Great Ideas” newsletter. There are quite a few helpful tidbits in the newsletter, some of them relating to A&P concepts (e.g. microcirculation or tracing neural pathways) and others concerning pedagogy.  One of the ideas, found on p. 15, struck me as absolutely […]

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Don’t Call me a Subject Matter Expert

business man with banana

  So this phrase “subject matter expert”… it’s bubbled up in the periphery a few times since I’ve been more involved in online teaching. I don’t remember when I first heard it, and I also don’t know its full history. As best I can tell, it seems to be used in some online education communities […]

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#ET4Online New EdTech Tools

Tools & Resources from #et4onlineI’ve just returned from the 8th annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning symposium in Dallas, TX.  I’ve compiled some of the most interesting nuggets from the conference here. I separated my thoughts into three categories, each with its own post: resources and tools (you’re reading this one!), notes from my 5 […]

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Top 5 Sessions from #et4online

​Here are some thoughts on the top 5 sessions I attended at the recent Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium in Dallas, TX. You can also read my general thoughts about the conference here. I’m hoping to listen to many of the others now that the recordings are posted.  How to Humanize your Online […]

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