2024 Live Course Catalog

Continuing education and business support for herbalists & nutritionists

Live Online Classes in 2024: 

2024 Nervous System Deep Dive

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CONTINUING ED: Each month in 2024, we'll have a 1.5-hour lecture covering a topic related to the nervous system. These lectures are for advanced clinicians and serve to keep you updated on the latest in physiology + clinical practice.

Instructor: Camille Freeman + Guests

CEUs: 15

Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam

Starts June 3, 2024 

CONTINUING ED: Explore the essentials of conducting nutrition-focused physical exams in this 8-week online course. Improve your assessment skills and learn which physical assessments are evidence-based and which are not. Includes information on virtual visits and documentation/charting. 

Instructor: Sherryl Van Lare

CEUs: 16

Marketing with the Nervous System in Mind

August 12, 5-6:30 pm ET

BUSINESS CLASS: Explore ethical marketing techniques that align with the human nervous system to cultivate genuine client connections and promote your practice without resorting to fear-based strategies in this 1.5 hour online workshop

Instructor: Camille Freeman

CEUs: No

Supporting Fertility for Herbalists

Starts FAll 2024

CONTINUING ED: Learn how to support clients who are hoping to conceive in this 6-week online course. Topics include general preconception support, approaches to infertility, working with clients through IVF and IUI, and herbal safety considerations during this time. 

Instructors: Camille Freeman + Liane Moccia

CEUs: 12

The Practical Practice: 

December 9, 5-6:30 pm ET

BUSINESS CLASS: Learn practical time-management and organizational strategies tailored for private clinical practice to enhance work-life balance and client experience, based on Camille's 20 years of learning things the hard way. 

Instructor: Camille Freeman

CEUs: No

On Demand Library

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In addition to the live classes above, you can sign up for on-demand classes and workshops at your convenience. 

  • 2023 Hormone Deep Dive
  • 2022 GI Deep Dive
  • Herbs 101 for Nutritionists
  • Roots: Foundations of Clinical Practice
  • Single classes on osteoporosis, perimenopause, acne, how to find clients, discovery calls and more

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