January 24, 2024

On Sunday, I messed up big time. Repeatedly.

First, I voice typed and sent an absolutely obscene text message to the mom of a family we'd had over for dinner for the first time the night before. Definitely should have read it before sending. It was so horrifying that I can't post it here ☠

Second, I meant to send out a reminder about our upcoming class to everyone who registered for my Nervous System Deep Dive. The message went out to anyone who'd ever registered for any program at all over the last 3 years 🫠

Third, I tried to send out an apology email to people who had gotten the Deep Dive message in error, and it sent out a blank email to the same people instead 😱

At that point, I cut myself off from all telecommunications for the rest of the day.

Although the whole thing had me considering relocating to a small village without internet access, I didn't actually die.

I wanted to tell you about this because a) if you got weird emails from me on Sunday, I'm so sorry, and b) if you keep doing this work long enough you, too, will make embarrassing mistakes.

Like me, I suspect you will live through them, even if you do want to crawl into a hole afterwards.

What I have learned is that I put more pressure on myself than other people do. The small updside to Sunday was how many people checked in to make sure everything was okay & to let me know - kindly & thoughtfully - that something seemed to be off in my emails. No one seemed mad or upset - just puzzled.

Making mistakes is the cost of doing this work, of being visible and connecting with other people.

It may seem easier to not put yourself out there at all, but the upsides of connecting with people far outweigh the discomfort when you mess up.

This work is worth it, so keep going, knowing that you will make mistakes from time to time, and you will be okay when you do.

Take care,


About Camille Freeman, DCN, RH (she/her)

Hi there! I'm a clinical herbalist and nutritionist specializing in fertility and menstrual health. I run the Monday Mentoring community of practice and also offer continuing education programs for practicing herbalists and nutritionists (Check out this year's Deep Dive!). I'm also a former professor with the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I taught physiology, pathophysiology, and mindful eating for 17 years. 

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