October 25, 2023

In a note a few weeks ago (here in case you missed it), I wrote about facilitating meaningful classroom experiences.

I contrasted "brain dump" teaching (basically, lecturing) with more interactive teaching.

Based on the responses I received, I realized I didn't do a very good job contextualizing my thoughts.

I think lecturing is sometimes called for. I lecture often. In fact, my entire deep dive series relies on this style of teaching.

When your goal is to convey information, especially information that's hard to understand or time consuming to find elsewhere, the classic "I'll talk, and you listen/take notes" format can work well.

What matters most, I think, is whether you as a teacher have thought carefully about the best way to convey what you're hoping to teach. If you've thought it through and decided that lecturing is what works best in your situation, then hooray. Do that.

I've noticed that I tend to default to lecturing, when sometimes other formats might be more effective, so I'm working on being more conscious about actively deciding how I want to teach, rather than doing what's easiest and most familiar to me (lecturing).

I do still love the lecture, though, and didn't mean to imply otherwise 😊

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