Branding and Website Design Isn't Easy

Many practitioners spend a lot of time, energy, and sometimes money trying to cobble together a website and professional brand as they're just starting out. 

This isn't usually the best choice. 

You do want to have a brand, but it's also important to understand that your practice will evolve in unexpected ways over the first few years.

If you spend a lot of money creating a brand and website before you've seen many clients, you'll likely need to change it all later. 

You want to be spending your time finding clients, getting the foundations of your practice set up, and actually working with clients, rather than stressing over building the perfect website yourself. 

In this episode, brand designer Lindsey Freeman (no relation!) and therapist Julie Goldberg share more about the website templates and other resources they've created specifically for service providers, as well as tips on branding and getting started with your practice. 

I highly recommend starting from a template if you're experiencing website anxiety or if you're finding that creating your website is holding up your practice.

It's affordable, it's easy (or at least easier!), and you'll be able to move on to the many other things that need to happen to get your doors open. 


  • Learn more about Julie & Lindsey + their templates and other products: Premade (use code BLOOM for 15% off any products🌻) and don't forget to check out their Free Brand Therapy Guide
  • Connect with Julie & Lindsey via Instagram
  • Previous "In the Clinic" episode on website perfectionism
  • Research other brands you like, and use them as inspiration for look & feel, colors, photography, and language. Everything you’re interested in is a reflection of you.
  • Canva
  • Adobe Color has premade color templates put together
  • Pinterest
  • Typewolf, type combinations


Julie Goldberg (she/her)

Julie Goldberg, a co-founder of PREMADE and mental health practitioner, offers practical and easy-to-follow methods for running a successful private practice. She’s the founder of Third Nature Therapy, a virtual therapy group offering holistic mental health care for people seeking a different perspective on wellbeing.


Lindsey Freeman (she/her)

Lindsey Freeman, a co-founder of PREMADE runs the digital design studio, Play & Public, specializing in Branding & Squarespace Development. Play & Public brings brand stories to life by crafting captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact. Embodying the spirit of "Play," Lindsey infuses every moment with creativity and joy. Her ultimate goal is to serve the "Public" by making the world a better place, one badass brand at a time.

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