The Story of One Accountability Group

If you've been here for any length of time, you've probably heard me encouraging anyone who's in clinical practice to start or join an accountability group. 

I've even done a podcast episode about it before. 

So, I was thrilled to find out recently that a group of folks who formed an accountability group during my Roots course several years ago is still meeting. 

In this episode, Amy Boldt, Carolee Horner, and Linnette Johnson share how they formed an accountability group, what benefits they get from participating, and their recommendations for others who might be thinking about forming a group of their own. 

I hope you'll feel inspired to start or join your own accountability group after listening to this episode! 



Amy Boldt (she/her)

Amy is a clinical herbalist and herb farmer from Westminster, MD; her practice specializes in sleep and anxiety-related disorders. She is also a registered yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, which assist in helping her clients find relief. Amy grows many of the herbs that she uses with clients on her farm, which focuses on sustainability and protecting at-risk native medicinal plants.

Amy attended the Maryland University of Integrative Health and graduated in 2014 with a Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism. She loves teaching workshops, guiding plant walks, and getting out in the woods to reconnect with nature. Her farm is on the United Plant Saver's registry as a botanical sanctuary, so when she's not working with clients she is maintaining her forest farm and homestead.


Carolee Horner (she/her)

Carolee Horner is a functional nutritionist and health coach in Atlanta, GA. She works with people with Parkinson's and their care partners to reverse symptoms and slow progression. She utilizes holistic approaches to promote gut and brain health that work for the entire family.

She has been awarded a Master's degree in Integrative Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach. She is a member of the Advisory Council for The Center for Movement Challenges, a non-profit promoting holistic approaches to Parkinson's disease, with a special emphasis on boxing.

When she's not in the clinic or teaching, she enjoys being mom to 2 incredible kids, cooking, camping, and gardening, Laughter is her medicine.


Linnette Johnson (she/her)

I am the founder of 5 Elements Coaching and a Clinical Nutritionist + Coach for mental health. I am passionate about supporting adults with sobriety, depression, and anxiety, along with relieving fatigue, skin issues, and body aches & pains associated with mental health through healthy eating and developing a better relationship with food, mind, and body.

Throughout the years, my business has grown, but my focus has always remained consistent; helping and supporting people through body-positive weight-neutral restorative therapies.

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