October 13, 2022

A few weeks ago, a student in my Grow course shared a sentiment that I recognized in myself.

She wrote:

“Having bought too many courses that are on backlog feels super burdensome. I want to just throw them all into the sea, as they represent time I don’t have.”

(Hi Louise 👋 thanks for giving permission for me to share this!)

Sound familiar?

I recorded a podcast episode with my thoughts on this dilemma.

Here’s the summary:

  1. Make and keep a list/inventory of the things you sign up for.
  2. Decide which ones you actually want to do soon and do them as time allows.
  3. Save the ones that you might need later in your inventory list.
  4. Pitch the rest into the sea.

There are more nuanced suggestions in the episode, which you can listen to here: Throwing (some) courses into the sea

To reiterate, you have my explicit permission to get rid of trainings, classes, webinars, etc. entirely, for any reason, even if you’ve paid for them.

Don’t like the teaching style? Chuck it. Already know most of the material? No need to keep it. Not interested? Can't remember why you signed up? It’s fine to delete. 

Time to do some fall cleaning and throw things into the sea 🍂 🌊

Take care,


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Through my work at Bloom & Grow, I run a community of practice for herbalists & nutritionists called Monday Mentoring and also offer continuing education programs (check out my annual Deep Dive) and courses to help folks find sustainable and fulfilling ways to make clinical practice work.  You can learn more about me on my bio page.

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