October 27, 2022

It’s win time!

I hope you enjoy reading through the list of “wins” below sent in by other practitioners. I share these periodically because it's so easy to cruise right by our successes without acknowledging them.

It also feels great to be happy for other people & to see all the cool stuff that's happening out there.

Perhaps you'll get some ideas for your own work as you read through the list. Feel free to connect and collaborate or congratulate folks if you like, too ❤️

The regular practitioner newsletter will be back next week. 

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Every so often, I highlight “wins” from other practitioners in the newsletter. Take a minute to send some congratulatory vibes to everyone who sent in something they’re proud of.

I hope this list inspires you to keep moving forward, even if it’s one teeny tiny step.

  • Beginning in January, Carolee will be offering a 6 week course "Nutrition for Parkinson's Disease” at the Center for Movement Challenges, an incredible wellness center in Atlanta that focuses on integrative solutions for the management of Parkinson's (and soon MS).

  • Jessica writes, “I was able to get all of the necessary documents in and will be able to sit for the Certified Nutritionist Exam in December. The second huge win is that I have been asked to partner with a clinic in Tampa to provide nutrition and wellness advising/counseling services. That by itself is a nice thing, but the real win is that the owner of the clinic has a very similar vision of a non-profit holistic wellness clinic. I am so excited to have met someone with whom I can see building a beautiful practice that can make a difference in the world.”

  • Bethany signed up to be an American Herbalists Guild sponsor, and will have a booth for The Herban Pharm at the AHG Symposium this weekend in Bethesda, (last weekend by the time this goes out). Learn more about the Herban Pharm & sign up for a practitioner account to hear how it went in her next newsletter.

  • Cora writes, “I am pretty proud that I got a Linktree set up to get more interaction. I also have been working harder at building my email list and sending out more content. Just recently I sent out some fun Halloween treat recipes and a link to a blog post from Center for Body Trust about kids and Halloween candy as working with busy career moms is my target audience.”

  • Cindy had a blast teaching her first herbal class to 13 attendees (Fall Herbal Remedies: tea tasting, fire cider & infused honey making), published an article, and has two more classes scheduled for Dec & Jan. “Most importantly, I'm starting to learn how to talk about what I do and share it with others. Probably the biggest thing!”

  • Allie writes, “I am (read became) a certified labor doula & am layering this work & connection w birthing people into my herbal practice, Earth Allies.”

  • Kay shared this update: “I'm a fertility awareness educator supporting folks in transition (i.e. post pill/postpartum). My small wins: a new client joined my practice and another client told me that the daily cycle chart log that I share on my Instagram story has helped her with her own chart tremendously.” Instagram: @capitalfertilityawareness

  • On Oct. 7, Gina turned in their major paper, "Microbiome and Nervous System Support in the Holistic Herbal Treatment of Immune-Mediated Skin Conditions," which is the final component of 2 years of advanced clinical training with Colleen Emery.

  • Elizabeth began the Fall Website Spruce-Up Challenge this season and is committed to seeing it through. (“You can check out my progress at selkiemedicinals.com 🤗”)

  • Christine decided to take a 1 month break in December. “No new clients. I'll be spending this time envisioning my new goals for my practice in the new year and designing new package offerings that I hope to launch in 2023.”

  • Lisa’s win: “My sister and I recently created a website called Class Guide. The purpose of this site is to address the fact that there's no good way to find out whether a specific herbal class (or other similar classes in the realm of healing, energy, arts, etc.) is the right fit and a good use of one's time and money. Usually schools/teachers just have positive testimonials, which are helpful but sometimes don't provide the full picture. We're just starting out so there are only a few reviews on there now but we're hoping more people will share their class experiences to help their peers out.”

  • Alison has settled on practicing prenatal nutrition. “A big win as I’ve been feeling so burnt out with general nutrition.”

  • Kristen will be a speaker at the upcoming free Rise Up Rooted Symposium (affiliate link). “Not my best speaking effort, as I was getting over a horrible head cold, but still excited!”

  • Rachael writes, “I finally publically shared "my story" for the first time on a podcast. We spoke about how my healing journey led me to become an Herbalist specializing in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CAEBV). Feel free to watch or listen here.

  • April opened registration for her 2023 Folk Herbalism course last week and it is already halfway full!

  • Amber writes, “One recent win is being featured in an article in a local magazine. The editor reached out about doing an article about food and mood (one of my main areas of focus) and some recipes for their Jan/Feb issue. It was my first time going through a formal interview and fact checking process. It made me second guess everything I said but I am excited for it to be shared in a few months!”

  • Courtnay networked IN PERSON this month and met with an NP in a gastroenterology practice to discuss how her services may help their patients. “I was nervous and feeling very inadequate leading up to the meeting but was glad I did because I didn't have to know everything about GI and the person I met with said they didn't have a lot of experience with functional GI disorders. I feel good that I got the fear out of the way and realized that there are 2 answers: yes or no and that my services have value when thinking about a niche”

  • Kelly finally became a Registered Herbalist through the AHG, and she’s also launching her online Kitchen Medicine Immune Intensive starting at the end of November.

  • Liane did her first Instagram Live. “It helped that I was interviewing another practitioner in a related field: Interview with Darcie Pervier, Pelvic Physical Therapist. We discuss how PT can impact your experience with infertility and help you prepare for pregnancy in general)”

  • Renata is excited about the upcoming Winter Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants workshop that she'll be co-leading on December 18. "This is one of our most popular workshops. Participants learn to identify, harvest, and prepare roots and inner barks, and hang out around the fire while we sample our wild goodies!"

Congratulations to all of you! 🎉🎊 Thank you so much for sharing your wins with the rest of us. It’s not always easy to celebrate successes, and I’m so glad you did! We're cheering you on. 🎈

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