September 29, 2022

Here’s a little blast from the past that’s been coming up for me this week:

Going over your time with clients is not (always) a gift. (older podcast episode)

It can put your client in an awkward position if they have something else they need to do. They might need to pick up a child from school or a friend from the airport, go to the store before dinner, or just have a minute to pee and rest before their next thing.

It’s hard to ask your practitioner to wrap it up so you can leave - especially if it’s your first visit.

While you might think you’re giving the client extra time and attention, they might be feeling burdened and stressed as the scheduled end time for your visit approaches and you’re clearly not close to done.

What to do?

First, as the practitioner, you’re in charge of holding time boundaries. Boundaries, including this one, are part of keeping everyone safe and cared for. Keep an eye on the clock and figure out how to do your visits in the time allotted.

Second, if you really must go over, ask the client first if they have extra time and can stay a bit longer. Give them an estimate of how long. Consent goes a long way. If they can’t stay, figure out a way to make the visit fit.

Lastly, if you consistently go over time, think about extending the scheduled time for each visit or having more visits so you can do the work within the parameters you’ve both agreed to.

Just a bit of food for thought 🍇

Take care,


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