As 2021 comes to a close, I recommend spending some time reviewing your offers.

Most of us start out very simply.

We have one offer, usually an initial consultation + a few follow-up visits as needed.

As time goes by, sometimes additional services, classes, and programs get added to the roster.

In this week's episode, I share a few thoughts on why adding more services isn't always the way to go.

I also encourage you to ask yourself whether it's time to prune any of your current services as we head into 2022. 

Sometimes simplifying and focusing our work can make all the difference.

Need a bit of structure as you plan for 2022?

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Transcript of "Do You Need to Prune Your Offer?" episode

Episode 32 | Do You Need to Prune Your Offers? - powered by Happy Scribe

Well, Hi there. Welcome to In the Clinic with Camille. My name is Camille Freeman. I'm a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist. And in this podcast, I share little clinical tidbits that might be helpful for other practitioners.

So this week I want to talk to you about pruning a little bit. I'm going to mix the metaphors here. There's garden metaphors involved, but there are several of them. So you're going to have to forgive me in advance. This is the time of year when a lot of people start to think about planning for next year, planning for 2022 in this case.

One of the first things that you want to do when you are planning for the future year is to think about what's happened this year. Do a little assessment of how things have been going. One of the things you might find when you look back and review 2021 is that you might have noticed a little bit of creep in terms of how many different things you're doing. So sometimes you'll find that you started off your practice with just a basic initial visit and a follow up maybe.

And then after a couple of years, you've got that and you've got a package with three visits in the six month package and you have this class you do in this workshop and this program and this that and the other, you might find that you've got a number of different offerings that have somehow made their way into your practice.

This is really normal. And I find that this sometimes happens when you don't have a lot of clarity about who you're working with or how you want to work with them, and you aren't finding enough clients, and so you start to panic a little bit and you're like, Well, the solution to this problem is that I'll come up with a different offering and maybe people will want that one. So I'm going to take a detour here and tell you that most of the time if you have an offer and it feels really good to you and people aren't buying it or they're not signing up for it.

It's not because they don't want it. Sometimes it is.

I'm not saying it's never that. But a lot of the times, it's because you're not actually promoting it. You're not sharing it. You're not finding new people that don't already know about you, letting them know that you're available to help, helping them in advance, staying connected with them, reminding them that you're available to help and inviting them. If you're not doing all those things, people aren't going to sign up for it, and then you're not going to know, is it because it's the wrong offering and they want something smaller, or it would be more helpful to have a program or course or whatever.

Or is it just because you're not actually getting out there and doing that behind the scenes work to share who you are, what you're doing and make those invitations. And I would say 80% of the time or more, it's the latter. You're not getting out there and doing that promotional work. And what happens then is you're like, oh, well, maybe instead they want a course or maybe they need a six-month package or one month package or this that or the other a $50 package, whatever it is, and you do the same thing, and nobody is signing up for that either.

That is telling you that the problem isn't the offer necessarily. It's the underlying work. Okay. It always helps to check in with people to do a little bit of pre-offer research to find out what's going on with people, what they need and so forth. And to do that, you're going to have to be very clear about who you want to help and what you want to help them with.

But if those things are in place most of the time, what's going to be best is if you stick with just a few things that you have to offer and work on really promoting those, it's not a fast process. And this is the way that most people wind up having a thriving, supportive, sustainable practice. So what I'm asking you to do is at the end of the year, before you go making any big plans for 2022, think back about 2021. Look at the things that you're offering now and ask yourself if there's any that need to be pruned and the metaphor that I always think about for this.

And I'm terrible with about this, I'm guilty of this myself in the spring, this is not very seasonal, but we're going with it anyway. In the springtime, let's say you plant a bunch of seeds or you have a garden with a bunch of self sewing plants in it, and it's spring. You're so happy to see everybody. And let's say you've got a two inch plot of land. And on that little two inch plot, you have a baby calendula and a baby California poppy and maybe a baby Mary Gold.

And they're all there, and you just love them so much, you can't prune them. You're like, oh, but I don't want to have to choose. I don't have to get rid of one of these. They're all special and precious to me. And you know what happens if you don't get rid of two of them?

They're all three going to be stunted. They're not going to have the space, the soil, the sun and so forth to grow, and none of them are really going to thrive most likely. The same thing is true with your practice. If you've got a whole bunch of offers that you're trying to promote that you're trying to deal with, you're not going to have the time, energy and love to deal with all of them unless one of them is already running absolutely great. You know everything about it.

You know, how to promote it. You know how to get people in there, you know how to run it. It's barely taking any energy to kind of keep that one going. Then you can add a second one. That's great.

But until you get to that point, really focus on just a couple of things to make sure that everything has the space, the energy and the time to start putting down those roots and flourishing. So ask yourself, before you go into 2022, is there anything that you need to prune so that you can devote more of your time and attention to a few things that are really where you think you can get the most traction, where you can help people the most, where your passion lies, where you want to be focusing.

It takes a lot of trust and faith to get rid of some things and focus on just a few. One, two, maybe three. And that is really the way to go in my opinion.

You're going to find that things go better. If you can devote your time and energy to a couple of things, really get to know who needs that. Where are the people who need that or who want that? How can you talk to them? How can you stay in touch with them?

How can you make this thing better so that it really serves the people who could be helped by this program, service or whatever it is. Really put that kind of energy into just a few things? In my opinion, in my experience, you're going to be better off. And it's just a matter of taking that leap of faith of separating out your little seedlings, giving them out each their own spot. And maybe some of them need to go on the later list. Maybe some of them need to be on the plan for 2023 or 2024.

Something along those lines. Okay. All right. So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, if you're feeling ready to jump into planning, but you'd like a little bit of a more guided, structured process. I do want to remind you that on December 21, which is a Tuesday at noon Eastern time, I am having a free winter dreaming and planning workshop where we are going to review what's been happening, and we're going to make some plans just for the first season of 2022.

So I invite you to come and join us for that. If you want to do this together, sometimes it makes a big difference to have that energy of a group behind the process. I'll put the link to sign up in the show notes, and hopefully I'll see you there. All right. Take care, everyone.

One. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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