Narrowing your Practice Focus

Narrowing Your Practice Focus: 

Help with Niching

You've probably heard the advice to get very, VERY specific about what type of clients you serve and what problems you help solve. If you're reading this, I'm going to guess that you don't love this idea. Why restrict yourself? You can't decide on a focus, and anyway, when you're just getting started you can't turn people away, right?! You're pretty sure you should take all comers at this point. If this sounds familiar - particularly if you are having a hard time finding clients right now - please, PLEASE, please come to this workshop! Let's talk.

Saturday, Feb 13

5-6 pm ET

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Hi there! I'm Camille

I mentor highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists so they can get the clinical hours, practice-building skills, and advanced knowledge they need to be exceptional practitioners. I've been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and herbalist since 2006, working in OB/Gyn offices, a fertility clinic and private practice. I'm also a professor in the Department of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative health.

I offer mentoring for practitioners who need help with complicated cases, building and growing a practice, or getting their RH hours, as well as nutrition and herbal medicine consults with a focus on reproductive health.

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