Hypertension Webinar


Hypertension may not seem like the world's most exciting topic. It's called the "silent killer" for a reason: most people don't know they have high blood pressure until the condition is advanced. There aren't any signs and symptoms in the early stages, other than elevated BP. This is EXACTLY why we need to be aware of what causes hypertension and how we can help our clients, even it's not their most pressing concern. Almost 10 million people die every year from hypertension, and there are ways we can support our clients in maintaining vascular health! 

Here's what we covered in the live webinar:

  • Definitions and the official criteria
  • Why hypertension is harmful
  • The endothelial glycocalyx, which may explain why some herbs help!
  • How the immune system is involved in hypertension
  • Lifestyle strategies
  • Dietary approaches
  • Herbal recommendations

If you missed the live session in October, 2020 you can still register to watch the replay.

Cost: $25

Note: If you are enrolled in Monday Mentoring, this webinar is included in your membership. You do not need to register, and you will have access to the recording at any time through the Training Library. 

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I offer mentoring for practitioners who need help with complicated cases, building and growing a practice, or getting their RH hours, as well as nutrition and herbal medicine consults with a focus on reproductive health.

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