Iron Deficiency and Obesity in Menstruating Adolescents: A Webinar

iron deficiency and obesity in menstruating adolescents

I'm giving a free webinar on an obscure topic for no good reason .

The topic? Iron deficiency and obesity in menstruating adolescents.

I recently completed a project on this topic for my doctoral program, so I thought I might as well share what I learned with the small handful of other folks who might be interested. 

Want to come? It's Thursday, April 25th from 12 - 12:30ish ET.

We're going to review healthy menstrual parameters for adolescents, talk about hepcidin - everyone's favorite hormone, right? - and even throw in some interesting info about vitamin D in this population.

I'm not selling anything. This is just for fun (am I the only one who thinks this topic is fun? Possibly.) and to test out my webinar service. 

If you can't make it but want to see the recording, just register below and you should get the recording automatically when the webinar ends.  

Join me?

p.s. I've never used this webinar service before, so if you notice anything odd about the registration process, would you let me know? It seems pretty user-friendly on my end, but it's hard to know how you'll experience it. 

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