November 28, 2016

A while back I wrote about my top 10 favorite podcasts. I'd like to add two new podcasts to the list. 

period with kate clancy

Period Podcast

First, please check out the new Period podcast by "ladybits scientist" Kate Clancy. It's described as "a podcast where we explore anything and everything to do with the menstrual cycle, most especially the bloody bits."  There are nine episodes available so far, and I can highly recommend each of them. Click here to check it out. I particularly enjoyed the episodes "Teaching Periods" and "Periods for Politicians," but they're all great so just start at the beginning and go from there. 

BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance

Next, in light of the election results a few weeks ago (sob), I cannot more strongly recommend Lisa Bloom's new podcast. In case you aren't familiar with her name, Lisa Bloom is a civil rights attorney who has worked on many high-profile cases. She's decided to start this podcast in order to empower individuals to resist the Trump presidency and whatever else may be coming in the future weeks and months. Each episode includes specific actions to take, encouragement and an update on the latest political news. Again, start with the first episode and go from there. Click here for details.

Sister giant capital building

To give you an idea of Lisa Bloom's reach, her first guest on the podcast was Marianne Williamson (yes, that one). This was how I learned about the Sister Giant event happening in DC in February. This conference will focus on the convergence of spirituality and politics, and hold space to "come together to forge a deep conversation about the state of our country and ways that each of us, particularly now, can help move it in a more enlightened direction." 

I'm hoping to attend. Want to join me? Virtual registration is also an option, for those who can't make it to DC. ​

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