August 9, 2014

Thanks for your interest in the case study group. This group is open to all herb students and practitioners. While beginning herb students are welcome, please know that we won’t be spending a lot of time covering introductory information (e.g. the definition of an infusion v. a decoction). Case Study Group is a friendly place, so don’t be afraid to share and make mistakes. We’re all here to learn. In September, we’ll be working with Sasha’s case. Her primary concerns are uterine fibroids and irritable bowel syndrome. Follow the steps below to participate.

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Step 1: 

Click here to download this month’s case: 

Sasha Sept 2014


Step 2:

RSVP for the Case Study Group on September 25th (8 pm ET)

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The cost is $10, and you’ll need to create a  free Spreecast account to attend.


Step 3:

Do your homework

Answer the following questions in preparation for the case study group.

  • What do you think of Sasha’s energetics? Is she hot/cold, damp/dry, etc?
  • What seems to be working well for her physiologically? Where could she use support?
  • Do you understand the basic pathophysiology underlying the symptoms she’s experiencing? Do a bit of research on your own.
  • What herbal actions would be appropriate for her? Which three are the most important?
  • Create at least one herbal formula for Sasha. Include dosing instructions and figure out how much it would cost to take this formula (per day, week or month). Also include a quick rationale for each herb you’ve chosen.
  • What concerns do you have about your formula or Sasha’s case in general? Questions?
  • OPTIONAL: type your formula so that you can cut/paste it into Spreecast’s comment box in order to share and get feedback.


Step 4:

Join the Live Session on Thursday, September 25th at 8 pm ET

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You will also receive an email reminder with the link to join from Spreecast. Procrastinators: you can RSVP & join right up until the session starts 🙂


Share the Love


50% of the proceeds from this month’s case study group will be donated to Days for Girls, a nonprofit group that distributes sustainable menstrual product kits and provides health education to women and girls in 75 countries around the globe. Lack of feminine hygiene supplies means that girls miss up to 2 months of school each year, a significant factor in the cycle of poverty. Crafty folks: Did you know that you can help by making sustainable feminine hygiene kits to send to those in need? See the website for details. For the non-crafty, you can order your own sustainable feminine hygiene kit from the Days for Girls website and help fund a few kits for others in the process.

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