October Unprocessed Meal Plan, Week 3

Better late than never, right? RIGHT?

It’s been a long week. And we did have to do an emergency take-out dinner once – a sick kiddo and poor planning foiled my best intentions. However, overall we’re sticking with the plan, and it’s been fun experimenting with some new recipes and enjoying my fall favorites.

We skipped ahead and tried the Italian Rice & Cabbage crockpot recipe that I included in this week’s plan. Um… can I just say DELICIOUS. It doesn’t sound like anything special when you read through the recipe. Matt was pretty sure he was going to hate it, but man – it was *really* good. I’d call it an easier version of chicken noodle soup. My 10-month old ate at least 2 cups of it and kept signing for more. Comfort food at its best. That one is definitely going into our fall/winter rotation.

Without further ado, here’s my week 3 plan. As usual a few recipes may need minor modifications to be truly unprocessed. Enjoy!

Meal Plan: Week 3 October Unprocessed 2013 (link)

p.s. If you’re wondering why my 10-month old is eating cabbage & rice soup, check out my online course on feeding your little ones here. xo

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  • A) YES the cabbage & rice stew is waayyyyy delicious! I’m happy I gave it a try.

    B) What is skillet popcorn and how do I make it?

    C) This is an inspiring meal plan 🙂

    • Thanks, Christina! Sorry I somehow missed your comment until now. I have no idea how that cabbage turns out to be so good. It really doesn’t seem like it should when you look at the recipe!

      Skillet popcorn is when you throw the kernels in a cast iron skillet with some oil (we usually use coconut oil), cover and let it pop. Here is a reasonable recipe. I like to add whatever spices I’m in the mood for and maybe some seaweed as well, but just plain old butter or olive oil + sea salt is yummy as well.

      So glad you like the meal plan 🙂

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