Insurance Policy Recommendation for Nutritionists

Let’s say you’ve recently graduated from a nutrition program. You’re building your practice, going through all the details.  (Overwhelming, right? Hang in there. You’ll be so glad that you spent the time to get it all in place.)

One of those details is selecting an insurance provider.

I often get asked if I have a recommendation. Indeed, I do. Which shouldn’t surprise you, since it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to write a blog post about how I don’t have a recommendation.

Anywhoo. I’ve been using HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization) for many years.

Here’s what I like about HPSO:

  1. It’s comprehensive, and as far as I can tell covers everything you’d need to be worried about as a practitioner
  2. They have separate pricing for full-time and part-time practitioners
  3. Their prices are very reasonable (the least expensive I’ve found when I’ve done price-checking, although admittedly I haven’t looked recently)
  4. You can use their policy if you run a private practice, and you can also add a rider to cover you as part of a group practice. For instance, when I was practicing in the clinic at MUIH I was able to get coverage for that. You can also add a rider to cover your work as a speaker/teacher, supervisor, etc.
  5. Their customer service is awesome. Fortunately I have never had to deal with a claim, and whenever I have a question or need help I can always reach someone on the phone. They are also quick to respond via email and follow up after each contact.
  6. They cover multiple modalities, and offer coverage for a second modality free of charge. I have coverage as a yoga teacher and as a nutritionist. You really can’t beat that.

Anything I don’t like about their insurance policies?

Not really. The only complaint I have is that they do not cover herbalists at this time. I imagine if someone wanted to organize a group of herbalists who would pay for insurance they might consider it (I know they did cover herbalists at one time)

So there you have it. I highly recommend HPSO. I also highly recommend having some kind of insurance when you go into practice. Better safe than sorry, right?!

p.s. I’m not getting any kickbacks from HPSO for writing this. I’m just putting it out there because so many of you ask, and because I have been very pleased with my experiences with HPSO over the years.

Thoughts? Add your comments here. 

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