June 9, 2013

When I decided to start my clinical practice, I set out to learn more about marketing.

It all started with a simple Google search. I found a website that seemed perfect. Let’s call it “Marketing for Holistic Peeps” I signed up for the email list and received a free ebook on marketing for people who don’t know what they’re doing and who aren’t sure if they even want to know. The book was interesting in theory, but it was long and I had trouble figuring out where to start.

I stayed on the mailing list, though. Interesting things would come through every now and then. I would occasionally click through to another website based on this person’s strong recommendation, and each time I did I’d find the same thing:

A marketing guru with strong copy urging me to purchase his or her “mastermind program” – worth thousands of dollars but on sale now for only $1499. They were very, very good at selling these programs.

You’ll be able to easily make six figures (maybe more!) while only working part-time. Your abundance awaits. All that stands between you and prosperity is clarity and a change of intention.  You can gain 100,000 followers and leverage your list for the business success you deserve.

And I noticed something else.

Many of these “gurus” promoted one another via affiliate marketing. This is not necessarily a problem, but I felt like I was trapped in an incestuous web of people trying to sell me similar marketing programs. The advertising was compelling, but I wasn’t sure that the product itself was what I really needed. I don’t really WANT to charge people $2000 a visit.

So, basically what I learned is that there’s an entire niche of people paying thousands of dollars to have someone teach them how to get other people to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to do the same thing. And on, and on, and on.

Is it worth it? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t signed up. I came very close several times, though 😉

So if that’s how NOT to learn about marketing, how SHOULD you learn?

First, let me say that if you’re interested in that type of marketing, then don’t let me stand in your way. It appears to work for some folks. In fact, contact me and I’ll refer you to several programs that look promising. If you’re looking for a more grounded, personal approach, though, I have a few suggestions:

  1. You can start reading and never stop. Then, practice, practice, practice. See what works for you. Consider hiring a business coach (one who charges reasonable rates and works with you individually). Practice some more. Read some more. Sign up for free workshops. Practice.
  1. Learn from my experience. I’ve condensed much of what I learned from option 1 above into a 4 week  Business Quick Start series specifically designed for herbalists & nutritionists.  I’m running a test course at a very reduced price to gauge interest and gather feedback. Find out more here.

So go forth and learn some stuff! Wishing you the strength to avoid “prosperity packages” and “mastermind groups” 🙂

About Camille Freeman, LDN, RH (she/her)

Hi there! I'm a clinical herbalist and licensed nutritionist specializing in fertility and menstrual health. I run the Monday Mentoring community of practice and also offer continuing education programs for highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists (Check out this year's Deep Dive!). I'm also a professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology, pathophysiology, and mindful eating.

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