Getting Started with Twitter: A guide for nutrition students

I often get asked how I stay up to date with the latest nutrition & physiology information. What with a crazy teaching schedule, my clinical practice and various other side projects – not to mention keeping up with a two year old, gestating, lactating and putting healthy food on the table – things stay pretty busy around here.  Twitter is my favorite way to keep up with the field. After carefully selecting a list of people & organizations to follow, I can now scroll through the latest info any time I have an extra few minutes.


Here are a fifteen of my favorite “tweeps”, just to get you started. Links will take you to twitter homepages, where you can follow those of interest. These are people/organizations who consistently post information that may be professionally useful for nutrition students. Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments below!

Government agencies

  • News, tips, and recalls from, the US government’s one-stop-shop for food safety information.
  • USDA NutritionFNS provides children & low-income ppl access 2 food & nutrition education. Stay up 2 date w/ our latest news & info.

Schools of Public Health

  • Yale Rudd Center We’re a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world’s diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma.
  • HarvardPublicHealthEducating new generations of global health leaders & taking innovative ideas from the lab to people’s lives

Advocacy & Info

  • Cornucopia InstitutePromoting Economic Justice For Family Scale Farming And Organic Foods
  • Slow Food USA  Building a good,clean and fair food system
  • Fooducate Scan & choose healthy groceries
  • Michele Simon JD MPH I am a public health lawyer specializing in the politics of food and alcohol. My book (and blog) about food industry tactics is Appetite for Profit.

News organizations/Journalists


  • Andrew Wilder Healthy foodie, leader of October #Unprocessed:
  • Andy Bellatti MS, RD Registered Dietitian with whole-food & plant-centric approach. Into sustainable agriculture and food politics. Love to call out food industry nonsense.
  • Lauren SlaytonFounder of Foodtrainers, a nutrition practice, in NYC & blogger. Trying to keep it fresh & fun & spur others to #TIDEI (tweet it don’t eat it) when necessary.
  • Dina RoseI am a Food Sociologist with a unique approach to teaching kids healthy eating habits…and by the way, it’s not about nutrition.
  • Yoni Freedhoff, M.D.Obesity MD, Assistant Prof. at U. of Ottawa, blogger, speaker, and author of Why Diets Fail And How To Make Yours Work (on shelves April 2013)

Thoughts? Add your comments here. 

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