Well, Hello There. 

I'm Camille.

I'm a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology - mostly online. 

I'm into educational technology, pedagogy and in how to teach more effectively in general. I even have a podcast on these topics :). I'm also a semi-reformed hippie and a licensed nutritionist, walking in the grey space between a deep respect for the unknown and a growing uneasiness with the state of integrative medicine.

I used to try to keep my interests separate - writing about nutrition and herbal medicine in one place, the ups and downs of teaching somewhere else and physiology-y stuff yet another place. Then I realized that it's my website and I can do whatever I want. So now I post it all here with no regard for theme :). 

You can find out more about me here.

Camille harvesting nettles in the rain

Harvesting nettles in the rain at Jim Duke's garden. Maybe not such a reformed hippie after all. 

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Practical advice, meandering thoughts, skepticism, notes about teaching and students, and resources of interest. 


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Camille in field

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