Well, Hello There. 

I'm Camille.

I'm a licensed nutritionist and herbalist, specializing in fertility and reproductive health. And hey, I'm taking new clients​! I'm also a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach online physiology courses in the Department of Nutrition. 

While you're here, you can learn more about my clinical practice, check out my YouTube channel (Physiology for Hippies!) or have a look at​ some of my thoughts on teaching online/pedagogy

Y​ou can find out more about me here.

Camille harvesting nettles in the rain

Harvesting nettles in the rain at Jim Duke's garden. Maybe not such a reformed hippie after all. 

​Join me on ​November 18th at 7 pm ET for live webinar

​Probiotics + Vaginas

​This is a revised & updated version of a webinar I ran a few years ago. Come learn everything you never knew you wanted to know about vaginas & what lives within them. 

​​A mish-mash. Some posts on education, teaching, and pedagogy. Some on clinical practice and nutrition/herbs. 


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Thinking of You is a Q&A podcast for people who teach online. This is a new adventure: please submit your questions!

Camille in field

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