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Treats & Kids

Parents often ask me how to handle treats & junk foods. Should they be banned? Offered in moderation? Given freely? As usual, there is no easy answer. One thing I can tell you is that completely eliminating treats & junk foods from your child’s eating experience is simply delaying the inevitable. They WILL be exposed […]

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Fact or Fiction? Removing alcohol from tinctures

boiling water remove alcohol?

Herbal lore maintains that you can remove virtually all alcohol from a tincture by dropping the preparation slowly into a cup of boiling water, with the idea that the alcohol will evaporate off and leave the active herbal extract behind. You’ll find this information being taught in classes across the country, and in numerous herbal […]

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Lavender and Prepubertal Breast Growth in Boys

lavender flowers

A client recently emailed me the following question: “I read online that I shouldn’t use lavender essential oil or any products that contain it for A [her two year old son] because it could cause abnormal breast growth!! What do you think?” It’s true that there was an article published in the New England Journal […]

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