On Institutions and “What If?”

radio telescope structure

Last week MUIH – my institution – circulated a dress code policy* for our student & faculty clinic that was racist and misogynistic, among other things. When I read it after a friend posted it on social media, I thought it must be satire. “Conservative headwraps to contain and cover dreadlocks are required.” “Cleavage is […]

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Tools & Technology in my Courses

computer keyboard technology

At the end of last trimester, a student sent me the following question:  One of the things I noticed about this course is that you seem to have a great grasp of different apps and sites for creating content. Somewhere in the back of my head I seem to remember you talking about certain sites […]

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Why I turned off TurnItIn

new plant in jail

Now that the dust has settled after our conversion to the Canvas LMS, I’ve had a bit more time to look around and see where we’ve landed. I’ve been meaning to look into TurnItIn more closely for several months. Although TurnItIn offers a variety of editing and revision options, I am discussing it here as […]

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Required Reading

white teddy bear reading a book

On Required ReadingI was scrolling through twitter this evening and came across these two tweets from @Jessifer:My anecdotal experience: the less reading I “require,” the more reading students do.— Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) July 18, 2016 How can we create spaces where “doing the reading” feels intrinsically valuable? https://t.co/JXzbyc23hk— Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) July 18, 2016 I’ve […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

red headphones

Since having kids, my free time has been somewhat limited. I used to read so much more. I took classes about this and that, just for fun. (Birds of the Eastern Shore with the Audobon Society, anyone? Voluntary Simplicity reading group?)  I know that a time will come when I can do these things again. For now, […]

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HAPS Conference, part 1

I attended the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society’s annual conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I’ve written up a few of the highlights from my conference experience below. Overall, it was probably the friendliest conference I’ve ever attended. There was a “first timer’s breakfast” to help get to know others, a “first timer” badge […]

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Thoughts on Community

ant on peony bud

I’m hoping to loosely partipate in an open course called Collaborative Community: Designing Community Engaged Research through VCU this trimester. One of the first things we’re asked to do is to create a visual representation of what community means to each of us.  Perhaps because it’s spring, I knew I had to use an image […]

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Exam Review Strategy

tips for exam review

Reading through a listserv for A&P faculty, I came accross a link to this “Great Ideas” newsletter. There are quite a few helpful tidbits in the newsletter, some of them relating to A&P concepts (e.g. microcirculation or tracing neural pathways) and others concerning pedagogy. One of the ideas, found on p. 15, struck me as absolutely […]

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Don’t Call me a Subject Matter Expert

business man with banana

So this phrase “subject matter expert”… it’s bubbled up in the periphery a few times since I’ve been more involved in online teaching. I don’t remember when I first heard it, and I also don’t know its full history. As best I can tell, it seems to be used in some online education communities to […]

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