Let’s Change the World

Isn’t that why you got into this field? As an herbalist or a nutritionist, you  saw a need – the need for compassionate and natural healthcare, perhaps. Or the need for guidance around how what we eat affects health and disease. Most people don’t go into our line of work based on family or peer pressure, or because they want to make tons of money, but because they want to help people. And by helping people, one at a time, we can change the world.

There’s Just one Problem…

Your work is important. It’s necessary. It’s fascinating to you, and you love it. But you may be struggling to find clients. You might feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of seeing clients with serious health conditions. The business side of things may be dragging you down, and it doesn’t seem as easy as you thought it would be when you were first starting out.

I hear that.

When I was started my practice an herbalist and nutritionist in 2003, I floundered for YEARS before I finally found my groove. I made every mistake in the book, and then some. I failed. Often. I learned the hard way, and bounced back more times than I can count.

Eventually, though, I figured out a few things. I spent time and money learning about the parts of running a business that did not come naturally to me. I practiced and experimented and just kept going. And after years and years of this, I wound up with a pretty darn successful practice.  I was working with just the types of clients who I most enjoyed. Most or all of my available spots were full, and it wasn’t unusual for me to have a waiting list. Best of all, I was really helping people.

There’s no reason that you can’t do the same, minus the years of stumbling around :)

Spread the Love

It kills me that some of the most incredible herbalists & nutritionists I know are struggling to create successful practices. When I decided to wind down my clinical practice and head back to work full-time at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, I also decided to do whatever I could to help other people avoid some of the mistakes I made.

After doing some research, interviewing practitioners and checking in with whoever would talk to me, I realized that the people who were struggling needed help with two main areas: support around difficult cases and support around business building & marketing.

Here’s How I can Help

  • Mentoring for practitioners for when you need help with a difficult case or situation
  • My Herbal Case Study Group meets monthly for those who want to practice your formulating skills.
  • Private practice review session – Individual feedback on your marketing, business model & website

Many other goodies are in store. Need help with something not listed here? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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